How to change a brake disc splash panel [AUTODOC TUTORIAL]

How to change brake backing plate on a car – replacement tutorial
Things you may need:
a set of suitable tools
universal spray cleaner and a wire brush
WD-40 spray
torque wrench
Please note!
  • The backing plate protects the braking system components from water and dirt
  • It also protects suspension parts from high temperatures when the braking system heats up
  • The backing plate can become defective due to corrosion and mechanical damage
  • This causes the plate to become loose and to rub against the brake system components
  1. 1.
    How to change Brake Disc Back Plate - free PDF and video manuals
    In many cars, you need to remove the brake disc and caliper to access the backing plate
    Please note!
    The backing plate fasteners are located on the back of the brake disc
  2. 2.
    How to replace rear and front Brake back plate - step-by-step manuals and video guides
    Remove the brake caliper along with the caliper bracket if the car has one
  3. 3.
    Brake drum backing plate replacement on your car: free workshop manuals
    Remove the brake disc
  4. 4.
    Changing Brake plates by yourself
    Clean any traces of corrosion from the backing plate fasteners
  5. 5.
    How to remove rear left right Brake rotor backing plate - online easy-to-follow instructions
    Unscrew the backing plate fasteners and remove it
    Proceed with caution and avoid applying excessive forceOtherwise you risk breaking off the threaded part of the fastener
  6. 6.
    How to replace Brake dust shield: download PDF manuals and video instructions
    Clean the mounting seats of the backing plate fasteners
  7. 7.
    How hard is it to do yourself: front left right Splash panel brake disc replacement - download illustrated guide
    Clean the contact surface between the wheel hub and the brake disc
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