What is SPORTSHIFT? Features & technical parametres

What is SPORTSHIFT? Features & technical parametres

SPORTSHIFT is the trademark registered by the Prodrive company in 1995 for a mechanism of manual gear shifting with the help of the gear selector or paddle shifters. This system has been used in Subaru automatic transmissions since 2001 and in automated manual transmissions installed on some Aston Martin models since 2006.

Operating principle of SPORTSHIFT

The distinctive feature of the SPORTSHIFT system is absence of mechanical linkage between the gear selector or paddle shifters and the transmission. Electrical signals are used instead. When the driver pushes the selector lever or a paddle shifter, the corresponding information is sent to the transmission control unit which then sends the corresponding command to the actuators engaging the selected gear.

The SPORTSHIFT function improves the vehicle dynamic performance and is useful when driving up- or downhill or starting off on a slippery surface. In addition, availability of paddle shifters helps to shift gears without being distracted from the road, which is especially relevant for sports cars.

Popular transmissions with the SPORTSHIFT function

Transmission codeManufacturerNumber of speedsTransmission typeMax torque, NmMax engine capacity, lProduction startCar models equipped with this type of transmission
4EATJatco4Automatic with a torque converter3003.31988Subaru Impreza; Subaru Legacy; Subaru SVX; Subaru Forester; Subaru Outback
5EATJatco5Automatic with a torque converter3503.62004Subaru Tribeca; Subaru Legacy; Subaru Exiga; Subaru Outback

On Aston Martin cars, 6- and 7-speed automated manual transmissions produced by Graziano were equipped with the SPORTSHIFT system. In particular, they were installed on the V8 Vantage, V8 Vantage S, and some other models.

Common malfunctions of transmissions with the SPORTSHIFT system

Malfunctions Transmissions
The transmission pump seal starts leaking over time. 4ЕАТ
Solenoids fail. 4ЕАТ; 5EAT
The clutch drum and the transmission bearing break down. 4ЕАТ
Valve body channels get clogged. 4ЕАТ; 5EAT
Early breakdown of the speed sensor. 5EAT

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