What is EGS? Features & technical parametres of the gear box

What is EGS? Features & technical parametres of the gear box

EGS is a 6-speed automated transmission with a manual mode, used on Citroën and Peugeot cars. It debuted in 2007. Its special firmware allows the gearbox to adapt to the individual driving style. EGS is quite reliable. Its common malfunctions are jerks and knocks during shifting. Usually, these problems can be fixed by reflashing the transmission control unit.

Operating principle

EGS is a two-shaft transmission with a dry single-plate clutch and electro-hydraulic control module. There are several settings for fuel-efficient, comfortable, or sportive driving offered for automatic mode. Transmission control in the manual mode is performed with the help of the gear lever or paddle shifters.

Technical specifications of EGS

Transmission codeMax torque, NmMax engine capacity, lDrive typeModel applications
MCP62701.6FWDPeugeot 5008; Citroën C4 Picasso; Peugeot 308; Citroën C3 Picasso; Peugeot 2008; Citroën C4; Peugeot 208; Peugeot 508; Peugeot 3008; Citroën C3

Comments – 5

  • @user_84824
    18.09.2021 05:52

    When my car drives and suddenly sometimes from automatic drive charging in manual drive and message showing in dashboard gearbox faulty need repair so what to do.? After I stop and drive again and gearbox in normal automatic drive. So I need to change or reset or repair gearbox?

  • @Anna Johnson
    31.01.2022 10:27

    There may be several options, check the torque converter, if the problem is not in it, then most likely a complete overhaul of the gearbox is necessary, if the problem persists, then replace the gearbox with a new one.

  • @user_377626
    05.06.2023 06:28

    Talking bollocks EGS is not a CBT transmission, it is an automated manual.

  • @user_377626
    05.06.2023 06:29

    He means CVT

  • @V. B.
    07.03.2024 05:05

    Hi, just changed clutch, flywhell and clutch actuator but cant reprogramm it, what could be the problem?

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