Autostick: features, advantages & disadvantages

Autostick: features, advantages & disadvantages

Autostick is the name of the manual gear shifting function in several automatic transmissions installed on Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, and Ram cars. It was first used in 1996 in Dodge Intrepid and Eagle Vision TSi saloons and is now available for most models of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Autostick allows the driver to use engine torque in manual mode as efficiently as possible.

Operating principle of transmissions with Autostick function

Gearboxes with the Autostick function are automatic transmissions with a torque converter, planetary gear sets, electronic control and the function of adapting to driving style. The torque converter features a lockup function. Manual control is performed with the help of software.

Shifting pattern and operating modes of the transmission can differ depending on a vehicle model and transmission version. On some vehicles, you can switch to manual mode by moving the gear lever into the “Autostick” position and shift gears by moving the lever to the “+” or “-” position. On other cars, up- or downshifting is performed directly in the “D” position by moving the lever left or right. Often paddle shifters or buttons mounted on the steering wheel are offered for more convenient gear shifting.

Popular transmissions with Autostick mode

Gearbox codeManufacturerNumber of gearsCar layoutEngine layoutProduction startModel applications
42LE (A606)Chrysler4FWDLongitudinal1993Chrysler LHS; Chrysler Concorde; Plymouth Prowler; Chrysler 300M; Dodge Intrepid; Chrysler New Yorker; Chrysler Prowler; Eagle Vision
42RLEChrysler4RWD, AWDLongitudinal2003Chrysler 300; Dodge Charger; Dodge Durango; Dodge Magnum; Dodge Nitro; Jeep Liberty; Dodge Challenger; Dodge Ram
40TES/ 41TESChrysler4FWDTransverse2007Chrysler Sebring; Dodge Journey; Chrysler 200; Dodge Avenger
62TEChrysler6FWDTransverse2007Dodge Journey; Chrysler Pacifica; Chrysler 200; Dodge Avenger; Chrysler Town and Country; Chrysler Grand Voyager; Dodge Grand Caravan; Volkswagen Routan; Chrysler Sebring; Ram ProMaster
545RFEChrysler5RWD, AWDLongitudinal2001Dodge Durango; Dodge Ram; Dodge Power Wagon; Jeep Grand Cherokee; Jeep Commander; Dodge Dakota; Jeep Liberty; Mitsubishi Raider; Jeep Wrangler; Chrysler Aspen
W5A580 (722.6 5G-Tronic)Mercedes-Benz5RWD, AWDLongitudinal1996Chrysler 300; Dodge Nitro; Jeep Grand Cherokee WK; Chrysler Crossfire; Dodge Charger; Jeep Commander XK
845RE (8HP45)Chrysler-ZF8RWD, AWDLongitudinal2010Chrysler 300; Dodge Charger
948TE (9HP48)Chrysler-ZF9FWDTransverse2013Chrysler Town and Country; Jeep Renegade; Jeep Cherokee; Dodge Caravan

Common malfunctions of transmissions with Autostick function

Malfunctions Transmissions
Sensors failure, which comes with delayed gear shifting, spontaneous shifting, and transmission lockup issues. 42LE (A606); 40TES; 41TES; 42RLE; 62TE; 948TE (9HP48)
A bushing between the transmission shafts is prone to premature failure. W5A580 (722.6 5G-Tronic)
The overrunning clutch breaks down prematurely. W5A580 (722.6 5G-Tronic)
Valve body solenoids get contaminated fast. W5A580 (722.6 5G-Tronic).62TE
A conductor plate with speed sensors fails. W5A580 (722.6 5G-Tronic)


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