What is Sportmatic? Features & technical parametres

What is Sportmatic? Features & technical parametres

Sportmatic is a function of manual shifting in automatic transmissions installed on Kia cars. It is offered either as a factory-installed equipment or as an option for most current versions. It has been in use since 2001. This function improves the vehicle’s performance compared to a classic automatic transmission.

Operating principle

The Sportmatic function is based on classic automatic transmissions with a torque converter and planetary gear sets. Its firmware allows for manual gear shifting. The control unit receives information about the gear the driver has selected and locks it in a specified range until a certain moment. In order to switch to manual mode, move the gear lever from the “D” position to the left. After this, a corresponding indicator will light up on the selector, warning about engaged manual mode. Move the lever to “+” or “-” to shift gears up or down respectively.

Popular transmissions with the Sportmatic function

Transmission code Number of gears Max torque, Nm Max engine capacity, l Drive type Production start Model applications
A5GF1 5 270 2.7 FWD 2005 Forte TD; Carnival VQ; Opirus LD; Carens UN; Magentis MG
A5SR2 5 550 5.0 RWD, AWD 2007 Mohave HM; Sorento BL
A6LF3 6 380 3.8 FWD, AWD 2009 Sorento UM; Carnival YP; Sorento XM; Carnival VQ
A8LF1 8 350 3.5 FWD, AWD 2016 Sorento UM; Carnival YP; Sportage QL; Cadenza YG

Common malfunctions of transmissions with the Sportmatic function

The planetary gear sets wear out prematurely due to aggressive driving style.A5GF1
The solenoids quickly break down.A5GF1
The input and output speed sensors have a short lifespan. This is mostly caused by transmission overheating.A5GF1; A6LF3
The hydraulic valve body channels get clogged, causing malfunctions of the transmission.A5SR2
The differential case splines can get damaged due to regular and continuous wheel spin.A5SR2
The plastic pan is significantly prone to mechanical damages.A6LF3
Malfunctions of the transmission are caused by firmware errors.A8LF1


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