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Brake pads: how not to make the wrong choice

Brake pads: how not to make the wrong choice

Brake pads are important elements of the brake system, on which the safety of all road users depends. Therefore, their choice needs a responsible approach. We will tell you what …

Brake pads' malfunctions

Brake pads’ malfunctions: signs and causes

Brake pads are an important element of the car braking system. Their good working order ensures road safety for the vehicle driver, passengers, and other traffic participants. Knowing the main possible …

Brake discs' malfunctions: signs and causes

Brake discs’ malfunctions: signs and causes

The car brake system plays an important role in ensuring traffic safety. One of the main elements of the system are brake discs. They are constantly exposed to high mechanical and thermal …

How do brake calipers work

When brake calipers go bad

Brake calipers are critical elements of the disk braking systems belonging to the car they are installed in. They provide the necessary force to stop the car in emergencies …

How to paint brake calipers

How to paint brake calipers

Adding a lick of paint to your brake calipers can be a great way to upgrade the appearance of your brakes without breaking the bank. Cleaning and painting dull …

How to bleed brakes

How to bleed brakes

Efficient operation of the brake system is one of the key conditions for safe driving. Therefore, keeping brakes in good working order is a duty of every car owner: …