SelectShift gear box: distinctive features & technical characteristics

SelectShift gear box: distinctive features & technical characteristics

SelectShift is an automatic transmission with the possibility of manual control. Many Ford and Lincoln models are equipped with it. In its present design the transmission was launched in the early 2000s. However, the “SelectShift” name itself appeared quite earlier: In 1966 the Ford company used it for 3- and 4-speed automatic transmissions with low gears, namely the Ford C6 SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic and Ford C4. 

Operating principle of SelectShift 

The SelectShift transmission is a classic automatic gearbox with a hydraulic torque converter, which features the possibility to switch to the manual mode due to a special firmware. In order to activate it, move the gear selector into the Sport mode marked as “S” and then press “+” or “-” button for shifting up or down. In some versions, the driver can control the engine torque in a manual mode with the help of paddle shifters.

Popular SelectShift  transmissions

Transmission codeNumber of speedsManufacturerMax torque, NmMax engine capacity, lDrive typeProduction startCar models equipped with this type of transmission
5F31J (JF506E)5Jatco3503.8FWD, AWD2000Ford Galaxy MkII; Ford Mondeo MkIII
5R55E5Ford5505.0RWD, AWD1997Ford Mustang; Ford Explorer; Lincoln LS; Ford Ranger; Ford Thunderbird; Lincoln Aviator
6F356Ford/General Motors3503.0FWD, AWD2008Ford Mondeo; Ford C-Max; Lincoln MKZ; Ford Escape; Ford Focus; Ford Fusion; Ford Kuga. 
6F556Ford/General Motors
4504.6FWD, AWD2007Ford Explorer; Lincoln MKS; Ford Taurus; Lincoln MKT
6R80 (6HP26)6ZF 6006.0FWD, RWD, AWD2001Ford Explorer; Ford Expedition; Ford Mustang; Ford Territory

Common malfunctions of SelectShift transmissions

Malfunctions Transmissions
The valve body and solenoids get clogged and break down quickly. 5F31J (JF506E); 5R55E; 6R80 (6HP26); 6F55
Even slightest overheating may cause transmission malfunctions. 5F31J (JF506E)
The flow control valve breaks down often. 5F31J (JF506E)
The input speed sensor has a short lifespan. 5F31J (JF506E)
Dynamic driving style can cause the brake bands to tear. 5R55E
The pistons and the pump have a short lifespan. 5R55E
Gears are shifted with jerks. 6F35
Sometimes, malfunctions of the electronic control unit occur. 6F35 
The transmission bushes wear out quickly. 6F55; 6R80 (6HP26)
The mechatronic unit often burns out, especially in hot weather. 6R80 (6HP26)
The plastic pan gets deformed, and oil leaks occur. 6R80 (6HP26)
The internal wiring harness of the transmission gets damaged. 6R80 (6HP26)

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