D3, D4, and D5 engines: what it stands for and its performance parameters

D3, D4, and D5 engines: what it stands for and its performance parameters

D3, D4, and D5 are turbocharged diesel power units with the Common Rail fuel injection system, installed in Volvo cars. They first appeared in 2001. Today these engines are used on most models of this make. The motors are characterised by high performance and reliability. They operate with minimum noise, are easy to maintain and help to reduce fuel consumption..

Features of D3, D4, and D5 engines

D3, D4, and D5 engines have 4 or 5 cylinders. They are made of aluminium. These power units are single- or twin-turbocharged. Sometimes a variable-geometry turbocharger is used. Depending on the version, the injection system may be equipped with electromagnetic or piezoelectric injectors. A belt is used in the valve timing mechanism. Some of the engines feature I-Art – a proprietary development of Volvo. It involves the use of an individual pressure and temperature sensor and microprocessor for each injector. This allows the engine to run smoothly and helps to reduce fuel consumption and harmful atmospheric emissions to the extent possible.

Popular D3, D4 and D5 engines

Version name Code Number of cylinders Number of valves Capacity, l Max. output, hp Max. torque, N⋅m Production start Volvo models equipped with this type of engine
D3 D4204T16 4 16 2.0 150 320 2018 V40CC; XC40; S90; V60
D4204T9 4 16 2.0 150 320 2015 V40; S90; XC40; V60; S60; V70; V90
D4204T4 4 16 2.0 150 350 2016 S60CC; V60CC; V90; V60; XC60
D5204T2 5 20 2.0 163 400 2010 XC60; S60; V70; S80
D4 D4204T14 4 16 2.0 190 400 2014 V60; S90; XC60; S60; V40; V90; XC90
D5204T 5 20 2.0 177 400 2009 C30; C70; S40; V50
D4204T6 4 16 2.0 190 420 2016 XC90
D5 D5244T 5 20 2.4 163 340 2001 S60; V70; S80; XC70; XC90
D5244T4 5 20 2.4 185 400 2005 S60; XC60; S80; XC70; V70; XC90
D5244T15 5 20 2.4 215 440 2010 V60; S80; XC60; S60; XC70
D4204T11 4 16 2.0 225 470 2016 S60; V70; XC90

Common malfunctions of D3, D4 and D5 engines

Malfunctions  Engines
Rubber hoses of the turbocharger and intercooler often become cracked. D4204T14
The seals quickly start to leak.  D4204T14
Leaks from under the valve cover gasket can occur. D4204T14
The timing belt has a short lifespan. D4204T14; D5244T4; D5244T15; D5244T
The diesel particulate filter and EGR valve get clogged rather fast. D4204T14; D5244T15; D5244T
The intercooler gasket becomes unusable fairly rapidly. D4204T9; D4204T4
The hydraulic lifters are quite sensitive to fuel quality. D5244T4; D5244T15; D5244T
The fuel injectors break down often. D5244T
The pressure control valve of the fuel rail breaks down sometimes. D5244T
The swirl flaps of the intake manifold get jammed often. D5244T4
The actuator of the turbocharger breaks down prematurely. D5244T4

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