Q-system — gear boxes for Alfa Romeo cars

Q-system — gear boxes for Alfa Romeo cars

Q-system is an automatic gearbox with a manual shift option. It was installed on Alfa Romeo 156 cars equipped with V6 2.5-litre engines with 190 hp and 192 hp outputs, which were manufactured from 1999 to 2005. It was built on the basis of the Aisin AW50-40LE (AF14) 4-speed gearbox.

The Q-system offers three automatic modes: City, Sport, and Ice. In addition, drivers can switch to full manual and control the transmission themselves. Is it worth noting that, unlike most automatic transmissions with manual control, the Q-system features H-pattern gear-shifting, as in manual transmissions, making it more intuitive to use. Moreover, there are no electronic controls that interfere with manual-mode driving in order to protect the transmission from  error, which has a huge positive impact on vehicle dynamics.

Common malfunctions of the Q-system

  • The drum of the friction clutch coupling is prone to crack.
  • The hydraulic torque converter and driveshaft seals start to leak prematurely.
  • The mechanical parts of the transmission wear out fast if the transmission fluid level is too low.

Comments – 3

  • @user_362555
    04.05.2023 05:32

    Do you have the Aisin warner AW50-40LE (AF14) 4-speed gearbox service kit please?

    • @Stacy Adams
      18.05.2023 14:38

      We recommend you to contact our Customer Support team where we will definitely try to answer your question and help to find the compatible car parts for your particular model of car.
      To help you to check suitable car parts for your vehicle, we kindly ask you to provide us with the VIN code / chassis number (17 letters+digits) or the original part numbers (OEM) of the required car parts via the email - info@autodoc.co.uk or fill form here: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/services/contact as well as to specify the type of the hand-drive of your vehicle (the right-hand drive car or the left-hand drive car).

  • @user_378509
    06.06.2023 21:07

    Hi my alfa 156 2.5 Q system has developed a fault. When starting the car the city mode display goes out and it just reads D and it seems like the car is setting off in 3rd or 4th gear but seems OK if using the manual change. Also when on start up you change into drive before the city mode display goes out, then it will set off in first! Any ideas?

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