What is Chrysler RFE? Features & technical parametres of the gear box

What is Chrysler RFE? Features & technical parametres of the gear box

Chrysler RFE is a series of automatic gearboxes with electronic control and a manual gear selection function that are installed on vehicles of such makes as Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, and Dodge. The first gearbox of this series, the 4-speed 45RFE, debuted on the Jeep Grand Cherokee off-roader in 1999. Later, 5- and 6-speed versions were released. All of them are designed for RWD or AWD cars. They are characterised by high performance, reliability, and longevity.

How Chrysler RFE transmissions work

Unlike conventional automatic transmissions, Chrysler RFE has 3 planetary gears instead of 2, which allows more modes and more precise adjustment of the gear ratio. In order to choose a certain gear manually, the driver moves the gear lever into the corresponding position. The shifting pattern may differ depending on the transmission version and vehicle model, as well as its production year.

Popular Chrysler RFE versions

Gearbox codeNumber of gearsEngine max torque, N·mMax engine capacity, L Production startModel applications
45RFE45004.71999Jeep Grand Cherokee; Dodge Ram; Dodge Dakota; Jeep Liberty; Dodge Durango
545RFE55005.7 2001Dodge Power Wagon; Jeep Grand Cherokee; Dodge Ram; Jeep Commander; Dodge Dakota; Jeep Liberty; Dodge Durango; Mitsubishi Raider; Chrysler Aspen; Jeep Wrangler
68RFE611526.72007Dodge Ram
65RFE65405.72012Dodge Durango; Jeep Grand Cherokee; Ram 1500

Common malfunctions of the Chrysler RFE

Seals and rings of the hydraulic unit wear out. Moreover, they can crack as a result of overheating.45RFE; 68RFE; 545RFE
If the fine oil filter isn’t changed on time, the electrics can fail and channels of the hydraulic unit get clogged.45RFE; 545RFE
The solenoid assemblies break down prematurely.545RFE; 45RFE
Contacting parts of the oil pump wear out due if transmission maintenance is not carried out on time.545RFE; 45RFE
The overrun clutch, friction plates, and seals of the torque converter wear out prematurely.68RFE


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