Touchtronic: features, advantages & disadvantages

Touchtronic: features, advantages & disadvantages

Touchtronic is a manual shifting function in automatic transmissions installed on Aston Martin cars. This option was premiered on the DB7 Vantage model that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999. The fourth generation of this system, Touchtronic IV, was presented in 2019.

Operating principle of Touchtronic

The Touchtronic system is used in classic automatic transmissions with a hydraulic torque converter and planetary gear sets. A special firmware prevents automatic gear engagement when the manual mode is activated. This mode can be switched on with the help of central console buttons or paddle shifters. Up- and downshifting is done using the paddle shifters. 

Technical specifications of transmissions with the Touchtronic function

Transmission codeTransmission manufacturerTouchtronic generationProduction startNumber of speedsMax engine capacity, lMax torque, NmDrive typeCar models equipped with this type of transmission
5HP30ZFI199956.0560RWDAston Martin DB7 Vantage
6HP28ZFII200366.7620FWD, RWD, AWDAston Martin DBS; Aston Martin Rapide; Aston Martin DB9
8HP90ZFIII201288.01000FWD, RWD, AWDAston Martin DBS; Aston Martin DB11; Aston Martin Rapide S; Aston Martin Vanqiush S
725.0 (NAG3)Mercedes-BenzIV201996.71000RWD, AWDAston Martin DBS; Aston Martin Vantage

Common malfunctions of transmissions with the Touchtronic function

The clutch drum breaks down prematurely.ZF 5HP30; ZF 6HP28
The bushes and friction plates of the hydraulic torque converter wear out, which comes with vibrations in the transmission.ZF 6HP28
Due to worn bushes, the oil pressure in the system reduces, which leads to premature wear of mechanical parts of the transmission.ZF 8HP90
Dirty solenoids cause jerks during gear shifting.ZF 6HP28
Damaged oil seals result in oil leaks.ZF 6HP28
The plastic transmission pan gets deformed, which can also lead to leakage.ZF 6HP28
The mechatronic unit burns out in hot weather.ZF 6HP28; ZF 8HP90
When driving in traffic jams, gear shifting errors occur.725.0 (NAG3)


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