HiVec H-matic transmission: essential information, types, features & technical parameters

HiVec H-matic transmission: essential information, types, features & technical parameters

HiVec H-matic is an adaptive transmission with a manual control function, which is installed on many Hyundai models. It is based on a classic automatic gearbox with a hydraulic torque converter and 4, 5, or 6 speeds. The adaptation function allows customising the transmission operation to the maximum possible extent, which improves the vehicle dynamics, ensures quick gear shifting, increases driving safety, and reduces fuel consumption.

Operating principle

To switch to the manual mode, shift the gear selector into a special slot that may be marked as “Sports mode”. Push the selector to “+” for upshifting and to “-” for downshifting. A short double push of the selector to the “-” position allows the driver to skip one gear. Manual control makes the car more sportive, improves its handling and dynamics when doing certain manoeuvres, and performance on slippery roads.

Transmission codeNumber of speedsMax torque, NmMax engine capacity, lDrive typeProduction startCar models equipped with this type of transmission
A4CF242002.0FWD2005Hyundai Accent MC; Hyundai Elantra HD; Hyundai i30 FD; Hyundai Accent RB; Hyundai i30 GD; Hyundai Solaris RBr; Hyundai i20 PB; Hyundai Getz TB
A5HF154003.8FWD, AWD2005Hyundai Sonata NF; Hyundai Grandeur TG; Hyundai Santa Fe CM; Hyundai Entourage VQ
A5SR255505.0RWD, AWD2007Hyundai Genesis Coupe BK; Hyundai Mohave HM
A6LF163003.0FWD2009Hyundai Grandeur TG; Hyundai Santa Fe CM; Hyundai Grandeur HG; Hyundai Tucson TL; Hyundai Santa Fe DM; Hyundai Tucson LM

Common malfunctions of HiVec H-matic transmissions

The transmission is very sensitive to fluid impurities. The valve body channels get clogged quickly, which causes malfunctions of the transmission.A4CF1; A5SR2
The friction plates of the hydraulic torque converter wear out due to aggressive driving.A5SR2; A6LF1
Splines of the differential case may tear off due to long-time wheel spin.A6LF1
The plastic pan has a short lifespan.A6LF1
The speed sensor burns out in case of frequent transmission overheating.A6LF1; A5HF1
Planetary gear sets can get out of order due to aggressive driving.A5HF1
The transmission pump seals leak.A4CF1


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