E-Shift: features, advantages & disadvantages

E-Shift: features, advantages & disadvantages

E-Shift is a name of a manual shifting system for automatic transmissions installed on Jeep and Lexus cars. The gearbox is controlled electronically. On Jeep cars, this system appeared in 2014 when the Grand Cherokee with 8-speed automatic transmission debuted. On Lexus cars it started to be used quite earlier: in 1999 on the IS saloon.


The main distinctive feature of the E-Shift system on Jeeps is the design of the gear selector which allows the driver to choose the driving mode and to shift in manual mode. The lever returns to its initial position after each movement. The lever features built-in LED lights, which inform about the current transmission mode.

On Lexus cars, the E-Shift lever has a more conventional design. It stays in a selected position until the driver changes mode. Moreover, paddle shifters can be used for shifting in manual mode.

Popular E-Shift transmissions

Transmission codeManufacturerNumber of gearsMax torque, NmMax engine capacity, lDrive typeModel applications
8HP45ZF85003.5RWD, AWDJeep Grand Cherokee
A650E (AW35-51LS)Aisin54304.3RWD, AWDLexus GS430 S160; Lexus LS430 XF30; Lexus IS300 XE10; Lexus SC430 Z40

Common malfunctions of E-Shift transmissions

  • Vibrations cause the transmission pump to break.
  • Mechanical components and seals wear down relatively fast.
  • The solenoids quickly get clogged.
  • The aluminium planet assembly of the planetary gear set has a short lifespan.


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