Tiptronic S — gear boxes for Porsche cars

Tiptronic S — gear boxes for Porsche cars

Tiptronic S is an automatic transmission with intelligent software, installed on Porsche cars. When necessary, it allows the driver to shift gears manually. It is an improved version of the brand’s Tiptronic automatic transmission. It debuted in 2000 on the Porsche Boxster S model. Nowadays, it is installed on different Porsche and Volkswagen models.

Tiptronic S features

Tiptronic S is based on a classic automatic transmission with a hydraulic torque converter. Special switches mounted on the steering wheel or paddle shifters are used for manual gear shifting. This is especially convenient for sports cars, allowing for fewer distractions from driving as there is no need for the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel. Moreover, shifting to the required gear is almost as instantaneous as with manual transmissions. Also, you can put the gear lever into the “M” position and then upshift or downshift by moving it towards “+” or “-”.

This transmission can adapt to individual driving styles, which helps to save fuel, ensures perfect vehicle dynamics and high level of comfort to the driver and passengers.

Popular Tiptronic S transmissions

Gearbox codeManufacturerNumber of gearsMax engine capacity, LMax engine torque, N·mProduction startModel applications
09D (TR-60SN)Aisin66002001Porsche Cayenne 9PA; Volkswagen Touareg 7L
0С8 (TR-80SD)Aisin868502009Porsche Cayenne 92A; Volkswagen Touareg 7P
01V (5HP19)ZF53.73251995Porsche Boxster (986); Porsche 911 Carrera (996)

Common malfunctions of Tiptronic S transmissions

The valve body fails rather early.09D (TR-60SN)
Wires of the solenoids break off.09D (TR-60SN)
If the friction lining on the converter lockup clutch is not replaced on time, it may cause the oil pump to break down.01V (5HP19)
Intense acceleration damages the friction linings in clutch packs. Their wear products clog the solenoid valves.0С8 (TR-80SD)
Oil pump seals and bushes require a replacement quite often.09D (TR-60SN); 01V (5HP19); 0С8 (TR-80SD)


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