What is Shiftronic? Features & technical parametres

What is Shiftronic? Features & technical parametres

Shiftronic is a function of manual gear shifting in automatic and automated transmissions on Hyundai and Kia cars. It was first introduced in the late 1990s. It is today available for many car models of these makes. The Shiftronic function allows the driver to gain better control of his or her car. This is useful when slowing down, overtaking, driving downhill, or starting on ice. The transmission operates in automatic mode when the Shiftronic mode is not required.

Operating principle of transmissions with Shiftronic function

Special software ensures the Shiftronic function operation. There are two ways to engage manual mode: by moving the gear lever from the “D” position into a special slot, and then pushing it to “+” or “-”, or using the buttons with the same marks mounted on the steering wheel. Signals from the gear position sensor or steering wheel buttons are transferred to the transmission control unit, which sends commands for engaging a certain gear.

Popular transmissions equipped with Shiftronic function

Gearbox code Number of gears Transmission type Max engine capacity, L Max engine torque, N·m Car layout Production start Model applications
A5HF1 5 AT with a torque converter and planetary gear sets 3.8 400 FWD, AWD 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe CM; Kia Carens UN; Hyundai Sonata NF; Kia Carnival VQ; Hyundai Grandeur TG; Kia Sorento XM; Kia Opirus LD; Hyundai Entourage VQ
A5SR1 5 AT with a torque converter and planetary gear sets 3.5 350 RWD, AWD 2002 Kia Sorento BL; Hyundai Genesis ВН
A6MF1 6 AT with a torque converter and planetary gear sets 2.4 240 FWD, AWD 2009 Kia Optima JF; Hyundai Grandeur HG;Kia Carnival YP; Hyundai Sonata YF; Kia Optima TF; Hyundai Tucson LM; Kia Carnival VQ; Hyundai Sonata LF; Kia Cadenza VG; Hyundai i30 GD; Kia Sportage SL; Hyundai Grandeur TG; Kia Sportage QL; Hyundai i40 VF; Kia Soul PS; Hyundai Tucson TL
A8LF1 8 AT with a torque converter and planetary gear sets 3.5 350 FWD, AWD 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe; Kia Cadenza YG; Kia Carnival YP; Hyundai Tucson TL; Kia Sorento UM; Hyundai Sonata LF; Hyundai Grandeur IG; Kia Sportage QL
7DCT (D7UF1) 7 Automated with dry dual clutch 2.0 350 FWD 2015 Veloster FS; Veloster JS

Common malfunctions of Shiftronic transmissions

Malfunctions Transmissions
The solenoid of the valve body breaks down often. A5HF1
Aggressive driving style leads to destruction of planetary gears. A5HF1; D7UF1
Input and output speed sensors have short lifespan. A5HF1; A6MF1
Aggressive driving causes premature wear-out of the  friction linings in the clutch of the torque converter. A5SR1; A6MF1
Overheating of the electronic control board occurs often. A5SR1
Untimely replacement of transmission oil leads to the clogged channels of the valve body and oil starvation. A5SR1; A6MF1
In the course of time bolts of the sun gear loosen. This results in the transmission slipping. A6MF1
Solenoid wiring harness fails. A6MF1
The transmission plastic pan cracks. A6MF1
Software malfunctions occur. A8LF1
Clutch wears down early. D7UF1


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