CommandShift transmission: essential information, types, features & technical parameters

CommandShift transmission: essential information, types, features & technical parameters

CommandShift is the  name of  the manual gear shifting function in automatic transmissions of Land Rover cars. It has been used since 2003. It allows to imitate the operation of a manual transmission, which offers a number of advantages. For instance, it helps if you need to gain speed when overtaking or, conversely, apply engine braking when driving downhill. Manual control allows a more confident start on a slippery surface and improves vehicle off-road performance when driving on ice, sand, and snow. This function is irreplaceable for sports driving.

Operating principle of CommandShift

Transmissions with the CommandShift function are classic automatic gearboxes with planetary gears, a torque converter and its lockup function. The process of switching to manual mode depends on the vehicle model and version. For instance, in Discovery Sport, you need to turn the rotary selector on the central console into the “S” position. Upshifting and downshifting is performed with the help of paddle shifters.

In Range Rover Sport, selection of transmission modes is performed with the help of the shift selector. In order to switch to manual mode, move the selector into the “Sport” mode and then push it to “+” or “-” in order to upshift or downshift.

Popular transmissions equipped with CommandShift function

Gearbox codeManufacturerNumber of gearsMax engine torque, N·mMax engine capacity, LCar layoutProduction startModel applications
6HP26ZF 66006.0FWD, RWD, AWD2001Land Rover Discovery
6HP28ZF66206.7FWD, RWD, AWD2005Range Rover Sport; Range Rover
JF506EJatco53503.8FWD, AWD2000Land Rover Freelander
TF-81SCAisin54504.0FWD, AWD2004Land Rover Evoque; Land Rover Freelander
8HP70ZF87506.2RWD, AWD2010Range Rover Sport
9HP48ZF94804.0FWD, AWD2013Range Rover Evoque; Range Rover Discovery Sport

Common malfunctions of CommandShift transmissions

Malfunctions Transmissions
Friction clutch bushings of the torque converter, and later the friction clutch itself wear out. 6HP28; 6HP26; TF-81SC
Gearbox seals break down due to excessive vibrations, which results in leaks. 6HP28
The plastic pan gets deformed. 6HP28
The mechatronic unit often breaks down, especially in hot weather. 6HP28; 8HP70; 6HP26
The wire harnesses of the transmission fail. 6HP26
The solenoids often clog with dirt and wear products of friction clutch, and break down. 6HP28; 6HP26; 8HP70;J F506E
Oil pressure regulator valve fails. JF506E
The rotational speed sensor breaks down. JF506E
The brake band and clutch pack break down. TF-81SC
There is a spontaneous shift to neutral. 9HP48

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