How to change a tie rod axle joint [AUTODOC TUTORIAL]

How to change inner tie rod on a car – replacement tutorial
You will need the following to carry out the replacement:
a set of suitable tools
a torque wrench
a ball joint puller
a measuring tool
a pipe wrench
a universal cleaner and a brush
WD-40 spray
сlic-R collar pliers
an inner tie rod end wrench
Please note!
  • The tie rod is an articulated connecting element of the steering system
  • It transmits the force from the steering gear to the steering knuckle
  • The tie rod can be supplied either as a separate part or assembled with the tie rod end and dust boot
  • The tie rod is part of the steering system and is responsible for the toe-in angle
  • The tie rods are installed on both sides
  • However, since the components have the same service life, it’s recommended to change them as a pair on the axle
  • This is also advisable since the wheels have to be aligned after the job is completed
  1. 1.
    How to change Inner Tie Rod - free PDF and video manuals
    To detect the failure, you should raise the wheel and rock it back and forth. Free play indicates a faulty tie rod or tie rod end
    Replacement of a tie rod assembled with the tie rod end
    The tie rod end is attached to the tie rod, which has a joint that is connected to the steering rack
  2. 2.
    How to replace Inner track rod end - step-by-step manuals and video guides
    To access the tie rod, remove the wheel and turn the steering wheel as far as it will go
  3. 3.
    Inner track rod replacement on your car: free workshop manuals
    Also prepare a jack or a car lift
    Be careful!
    When using a jack, make sure to use jack stands and wheel chocks
  4. 4.
    Changing Rack end by yourself
    Detach the tie rod end from the steering knuckle and then remove the tie rod itself
  5. 5.
    How to remove Inner tie rod end - online easy-to-follow instructions
    Clean the fastener that connects the part to the steering knuckle
  6. 6.
    How to replace Steering rack end: download PDF manuals and video instructions
    Remove the tie rod end. Use a special puller if necessary
  7. 7.
    How hard is it to do yourself: Inner rack end replacement - download illustrated guide
    To access the fastener on the steering rack shaft, remove the boot clamps and the boot
    The tie rod axle joint, which is attached to the steering rack shaft, is non-adjustableWheel alignment is performed by adjusting the connection between the tie rod and the tie rod end
  8. 8.
    Need to know how to renew Inner Tie Rod? This free workshop manual will help you to do it yourself
    Do not unscrew this connection right away; first measure the distance from the beginning of the threaded portion on the tie rod to the tie rod end
  9. 9.
    Changing of Inner track rod end won't be an issue if you follow this illustrated step-by-step guide
    Before unscrewing the tie rod from the steering rack shaft, return the steering wheel to its original position
    Please note!
    This reduces the load placed on the steering rack shaft while unscrewing the tie rodSome steering rack shafts have a place on them where they can be secured to minimise the risk of damaging themIn some cases you may need a pipe wrench, which ensures wide and reliable grip, or a special wrench to unscrew the tie rod
  10. 10.
    Inner track rod replacement: online guides and video tutorials
    Measure the tie rod length from the point where the axle joint rests on the steering rack to the centre of the tie rod end’s ball joint
    The length of the new tie rod end might not be the same as that of the old oneThis distance can be compensated for by screwing in the threaded portion
  11. 11.
    Replacing Rack end on your car by yourself
    When assembling the tie rod with the tie rod end, install a new dust boot kit
  12. 12.
    Inner tie rod end DIY replacement workshop manual
    or make a mark on the threaded portion of the tie rod, mount it on the rack, and put the boot on
  13. 13.
    How to change Steering rack end on your car - tips and tricks
    Install the tie rod end and treat the connections with an anti-corrosion agent
  14. 14.
    Step-by-step recommendations for DIY replacement Inner rack end
    Secure the tie rod end on the tie rod with a bolt or a lock nut
  15. 15.
    DIY replacement of Inner Tie Rod is not an issue anymore with our step-by-step tutorial. Check it out!
    Before installing the new component, clean the steering rack shaft of old lubricant and apply some new
  16. 16.
    How to change Inner Tie Rod - free PDF and video manuals
    Apply some threadlocker to the threaded portion and screw in the new tie rod
  17. 17.
    How to replace Inner track rod end - step-by-step manuals and video guides
    Be sure to use new fasteners
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