How to replace anti-roll bar bushes [AUTODOC TUTORIAL]

How to change anti roll bar bushes on a car – replacement tutorial
You may need the following:
a set of suitable tools
WD-40 spray
wire brush
torque wrench
crow bar
a set of new anti-roll bar bushes
new fasteners
Please note!
  • The anti-roll bar reduces the body roll of the vehicle
  • In most cases, the component is attached to the car body or subframe via rubber bushes
  • As the anti-roll bar is constantly rocking back and forth when the car is moving, the bushes gradually wear out
  • The vehicle may have two anti-roll bars, one on each axle, only one, or none at all
  • Only replace the bushes in pairs on an axle since they have the same service life
  • The main signs of worn bushes are squeaking sounds when driving on bumpy roads and knocking heard from the wheels
  1. 1.
    How to change Anti Roll Bar Bushes - free PDF and video manuals
    Lift up the car using a jack, jack stands, and wheel chocks; Or use a car lift/inspection pit
    Before starting the work, make sure that the entire axle is hanging freeThis will relieve the load on the anti-roll bar
  2. 2.
    How to replace Stabilizer bushes - step-by-step manuals and video guides
    Clean and remove the brackets and take out the bushes
    Please note!
    To mount the anti-roll bar to the subframe or the car body, the bushes are fastened with bracketsDepending on the vehicle's design, replacement of the bushes may require removal not only of the bush brackets but of the anti-roll bar itself
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