This replacement procedure can be used for:
RENAULT SCÉNIC II (JM0/1_) 1.9 dCi (JM0G, JM12, JM1G, JM2C)

The steps may slightly vary depending on the car design.

How to change rear springs / rear coil springs on RENAULT SCENIC 2 (JM) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Replacement: coil springs – Renault Scenic 2. List of the tools you'll need:
Wire brush
WD-40 spray
Copper grease
Combination spanner #18
Drive socket # 10
Drive socket # 18
Wheel impact socket #19
Ratchet wrench
Torque wrench
Hydraulic transmission jack
Tap wrench
Crow bar
Wheel chock
All the parts you need to replace – Springs for SCÉNIC II (JM0/1_) and other RENAULT models
How to change Coil Spring on Renault Scenic 2 1.9 dCi – step-by-step instructions for straightforward car repair
Coil Spring
How to change Coil Spring on RENAULT SCÉNIC II (JM0/1_) 1.9 dCi (JM0G, JM12, JM1G, JM2C) – tips for proper car maintenance
RENAULT SCÉNIC II (JM0/1_) 1.9 dCi (JM0G, JM12, JM1G, JM2C)
Replacement: coil springs – Renault Scenic 2. Tip from AUTODOC experts:
  • Both coil springs of the rear suspension should be replaced simultaneously.
  • The replacement procedure is identical for the left and right coil springs of the rear suspension.
  • Please note: all work on the car – Renault Scenic 2 – should be done with the engine switched off.
Carry out replacement in the following order:
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