Tiptronic gear box: distinctive features & technical characteristics

Tiptronic gear box: distinctive features & technical characteristics

Tiptronic is a function of manual gear shifting in automatic transmissions installed on Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Škoda cars and some Peugeot models. A transmission with manual shifting was released in 1989: the ZF 4HP22 4-speed automatic transmission, installed on Porsche 911, was the first to get a Tiptronic function.

Tiptronic design and operating principle

Tiptronic transmission is based on an automatic gearbox of shaftless design with a torque converter and planetary gears, and a function of electronic control and ability to lock the torque converter in all modes. In order to switch to manual, you need to move the gearbox lever into a special slot, and then, by moving it forward or backwards, select a certain gear. Movement of the lever activates a special program according to which the ECU engages a certain gear.

Popular gearboxes with a Tiptronic mode

Index Gearbox manufacturer Quantity of gears Max engine capacity, l Max torque, Nm Model applications
01V (5HP19) ZF 5 3.7 325 Audi A4; Audi A8; Audi A6; Audi Allroad; Porsche Boxster; Porsche 911; Volkswagen Passat
09A or 09B (JF506E) Jatco 5 3.8 350 Volkswagen Jetta; Volkswagen Golf; Volkswagen Bora; Volkswagen Sharan
09E (6HP26А) ZF 6 6.0 600 Volkswagen Phaeton; Audi A6; Audi A8; Audi S8; Bentley Continental GT; Audi S6; Audi RS6
09G, 09K, 09M (TF-60SN) Aisin 6 2.5 280 Volkswagen Polo; Volkswagen Golf; Volkswagen Jetta; Škoda Fabia; Audi TT 8N; Škoda Rapid; Audi A3; Škoda Octavia; Audi A4
0BK, 0BL, 0BW (8HP55) ZF 8 4.2 550 Audi A7; Audi A8; Audi Q5; Volkswagen Amarok
0С8 (TR-80SD) Aisin 8 6.0 850 Volkswagen Touareg; Audi Q7; Porsche Cayenne
AT6 (TF-70SC) Aisin 6 2.0 300 Peugeot 308; Peugeot 3008; Peugeot 508; Peugeot 408; Citroën C4; Citroën C4 Picasso; Citroën C5