CDTi: Opel,Vauxhall diesel engines with Common Rail direct fuel injection system

CDTi: Opel,Vauxhall diesel engines with Common Rail direct fuel injection system

CDTi are diesel motors with Common Rail fuel injection system, installed on Opel and Vauxhall cars. Many models of these makes have been equipped with such power units since 2003. Some CDTi engines are a common development of the General Motors and Fiat concerns. These engines have 4 cylinders and 16 valves, equipped with turbocharger and mostly with an intercooler. Depending on a version, a belt or a chain drive can be used in the valve timing mechanism. Generally, these motors are characterised by reliability, good traction, fuel economy and eco-friendliness.

Popular CDTi engines

Engine index Capacity, l Output, hp Torque, Nm Year of production start Model applications
A13DTE 1.3 9095 180–200 2009 Opel Astra J; Opel Corsa D; Opel Combo D; Opel Meriva B
A17DTJ 1.7 110 260 2009 Opel Astra J; Opel Astra H; Opel Zafira B
A17DTR 1.7 125 280 2009 Opel Astra J; Opel Zafira B; Opel Astra H
A20DTH 2.0 160–170 350 2008 Opel Cascada A; Opel Zafira C; Opel Astra J; Opel Insignia A
Z13DTJ 1.3 75 170 2005 Opel Agila B; Opel Combo C; Opel Corsa D; Opel Meriva A
Z13DTH 1.3 90 200 2005 Opel Corsa D; Opel Astra H
Z17DTH 1.7 101 240 2003 Opel Astra H; Opel Corsa C; Opel Combo C; Opel Meriva A
Z19DTH 1.9 150 320 2004 Opel Astra H; Opel Signum A; Opel Vectra C; Opel Zafira B
B16DTH 1.6 136 320 2013 Opel Astra J; Opel Meriva B

Common malfunctions of CDTi engines

Timing chain breaks down prematurely.A13DTE, Z13DTH.
Due to deterioration of rubber seals, sleeves of the fuel injectors get leaky. This is often caused by the use of low-quality coolant.A17DTR, A17DTJ, Z17DTH.
The power unit is apt to jamming at high-speed driving, which is caused by oil starvation of the crankshaft bearings.A20DTH.
The engine is very sensitive to reduction of oil level: in case of its insufficient level the chain slips, its rocker arms break down.Z13DTH.
Elements of the Common Rail system often become unserviceable.Z17DTH.