Slovenia Vignette: Price and Toll Roads


Tolls in Slovenia: General information

Since 2008, a vignette has been compulsory for driving in Slovenia, specifically for motorways and dual carriageways. The tolls are divided into three categories according to vehicle class: Category 1, 2 A and 2 B.

Toll categoryVehicle class
Category 1Motorcycles
Category 2 ACars and motorhomes up to 1.3 m high at the front axle and with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes
Category 2 BTwo-axle vehicles over 1.3 m in height at the front axle and with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Slovenia vignette

The Slovenian vignette system has been purely electronic since the beginning of 2022, which means that you have to buy an e-vignette before driving on the motorway or dual carriageway. Vignettes with different validity periods are available. For vehicles in categories 2 A and 2 B, you can opt for a weekly vignette, a monthly vignette or an annual vignette. For category 1, motorcycles, there is no monthly vignette, but one that covers a period of six months.

If you drive on a motorway or dual carriageway in Slovenia without a vignette, you commit an offence and have to pay a fine of €300, which is much more expensive than the vignette.

Slovenia vignette

Vignette for Slovenia: The prices

Currently (as of 03.2024), the cost of an annual vignette is €58.70 for a motorcycle, €117.50 for a car weighing up to 3.5 tonnes with a front axle height of no more than 1.3 metres, and €235.00 for vehicles that are taller. 6-month vignettes are only available for category 1. Cars, motorhomes and vans are excluded from this option, but have the option of purchasing a monthly vignette for €32.00 (category 2 A) or €64.10 (category 2 B). The shortest period of validity of a digital vignette for Slovenia is one week. The weekly vignette costs €8.00 for category 1 vehicles, €16.00 for category 2 A, and €32.00 for category 2 B. In summer 2023, the prices for the motorway vignette in Slovenia were increased by almost 7%.

Toll category/vehicle classWeekly vignetteMonthly vignette6-month vignetteAnnual vignette
Category 1 – Motorcycles and large scooters€8.00N/A€32.00€58.70
Category 2 A – cars up to 3.5 tonnes and 1.3 metres high and motorhomes up to 3.5 tonnes€16.00€32.00N/A€117.50
Category 2 B – vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and over 1.3 metres high at the front axle€32.00€64.10N/A€235.00

Vignette for Slovenia: Where can you buy one?

The easiest way is to buy the electronic vignette directly online on the website of DARS (Motorway Association of the Republic of Slovenia). You can pay using your EC card’s maestro function, your credit card, or PayPal account, or by bank transfer. If you are travelling through Austria and need a vignette straight away, you can also buy one locally at all ÖAMTC locations. Of course, it is also possible to get the vignette at Slovenian petrol stations, at border crossings, at post offices, or at DarsGo service points.

Slovenia motorway vignette

Compared to other countries, the Slovenian motorway network is manageable. There are a total of five motorways in Slovenia and a vignette is compulsory for all of them . At motorway slip roads, there is either a white sign with an orange symbol under the green motorway sign or an orange sign indicating the vignette or toll obligation via DarsGo for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

Slovenia toll roads map

Below is an overview of Slovenia’s five motorways:

MotorwayLengthImportant connections
A1245.3 kmFrom Šentilj in the northeast to Koper in the southwest/important connection to the A9 motorway from Austria
A2173 kmFrom northwest to southeast/connection to the Karawanken tunnel and Croatia
A311.3 kmFrom Gabrk near Divača in the southwest to Fernetiči in Italy/connection between Slovenia and Italy
A433.7 kmStarts at Maribor/connection to Croatia
A585.2 kmStarts at Dragučova/heads in the direction of Hungary

Dual carriageways are also toll roads in Slovenia. There are a total of five of these in the country. The following dual carriageways are subject to tolls in Slovenia:

Dual carriagewaysLengthImportant connections
H311.1 kmLink road between the A1 and A2 motorways
H442.8 kmFrom Razdrto (A1) to Vrtojba on the Italian border
H57.8 kmFrom Škofije on the Italian border to Dragonja on the Croatian border
H65.4 kmFrom Koper (H5) to Portorož
H74.0 kmFrom Dolga Vas to the Hungarian border

Tunnel toll in Slovenia

The Karawanken tunnel

There is only one tunnel which you have to pay a toll for when you enter or leave the country via it – the Karawanken Tunnel. The electronic vignette does not apply to the use of the tunnel and does not cover the charges. 

The tunnel was opened in 1991 and is almost 8 kilometres long. It connects the A11 motorway in Austria with the A2 in Slovenia. On the Austrian side, it is located near Rosenbach and in Slovenia, near Hrušica. There are no opening hours, the tunnel is open and in operation 24 hours a day.

Driving in Slovenia

The following fees are charged for using the Karawanken tunnel:

Vehicle classOne-way toll (excluding VAT)Monthly travelcard (14 journeys)
Category R1: Motor vehicles with a maximum authorised weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes (with or without a trailer)€6.72€36.70
Category R2: Motor vehicles with two axles and a total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes, motorhomes€4.22 
Category R3: Motor vehicles with three axles and a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes and vehicle groups with three axles and a permissible trailer load of over 3.5 tonnes€4.69 
Category R4: Motor vehicles with more than three axles and a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes and vehicle groups with more than three axles and a permissible trailer load of over 3.5 tonnes€9.38 

Cars over 3.5 tonnes in Slovenia

There are no electronic vignettes for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes. They are subject to tolls and route-based tolls must be paid for them. This includes not only lorries and heavy duty vehicles, but motorhomes weighing over 3.5 tonnes also have to pay a route-based toll in Slovenia. The toll charges for vehicles in this category are charged and invoiced via a so-called DarsGo transmitter, a transponder that can either be ordered online or purchased locally in Slovenia at a DarsGo sales point. The charges incurred per kilometre are calculated based on three toll categories:

Toll categoryVehicle classCost per kilometre
R2Vehicles with 2 axles that are heavier than 3.5 tonnes19 cent
R3Vehicles with 3 axles that are heavier than 3.5 tonnes/vehicles with a towing vehicle21 cent
R4Vehicles with more than 3 axles that are heavier than 3.5 tonnes/vehicles with a towing vehicle43 cent
Slovenia vignette price

Further information can be found through official sources

For more information about purchasing the vignette online and at public access points, as well as toll roads in Slovenia, we can recommend the following websites:


Do I need a vignette in Slovenia?

Yes. In Slovenia, a vignette has been compulsory for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes since 2008. Since 2022, the vignette has only been available digitally, the so-called e-vinjeta.

Where do I pay the toll for the Karawanken tunnel?

The toll for using the tunnel is paid locally at the Hrušica toll station in Slovenia if you are travelling from Slovenia towards Austria.

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