Vignette Austria: Vignette and Toll Prices


Tolls in Austria: General information

A toll is charged in almost all cases for the use of motorways and dual carriageways in Austria. For vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of up to 3.5 tonnes, this is paid in the form of a vignette, whereby additional charges apply for certain routes and some tunnels. Vehicles with a maximum permissible mass of over 3.5 tonnes require a GO-Box instead of a vignette for distance-based toll payments.

Toll-free routes in Austria

On a limited number of motorway sections in Austria there are no tolls or mandatory vignettes:

  • i The A1 motorway between the Walserberg border crossing and the Salzburg-Nord junction
  • i The A12 motorway between the Kiefersfelden border crossing and the Kufstein-Süd junction
  • i The A14 motorway between the Hörbranz border crossing and the Hohenems junction

Until its completion, there will also be no charges for using the A26 motorway, which is currently under construction.

Vignette Austria online

The vignette in Austria

Apart from these few exceptions, vignettes are compulsory for all vehicles under 3.5 tonnes when driving on motorways in Austria. You can get a purely digital vignette for Austria, which is linked to the number plate, or a physical vignette sticker for the windscreen. Only the 1-day vignette is only available in digital form. The 1-day and 10-day vignettes can be purchased online with immediate validity, while 20-month and 1-year vignettes are only valid starting from 18 days after the purchase date. The 1-year vignette is also available as an automatically renewable subscription.

Austria’s motorway vignette can cost around €8.60 for a one-day vignette, €11.50 for 10 days, €28.90 for 2 months and €96.40 for a whole year for cars, car-trailer combinations, and motorhomes and campervans with a total weight of less than 3.5 tonnes. The price for motorbikes is much lower at €3.40 (1 day), €4.60 (10 days), €11.50 (2 months) and €38.50 (1 year).

Table: Austria vignette prices 2024

 MotorcyclePassenger carCar with a trailerMotorhome/campervan
1-day vignette (digital only)€3.40€8.60€8.60€8.60
10-day vignette€4.60€11.50€11.50€11.50
2-month vignette€11.50€28.90€28.90€28.90
Annual vignette€38.50€96.40€96.40€96.40

Austria vignette: where to buy one

The vignette required for vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight of less than 3.5 tonnes can be purchased in various ways and in various forms:

  • i Via the online portal and the app of the Austrian road operator ASFiNAG
  • i At ASFiNAG toll and sales points
  • i At petrol stations near the border

Vignettes are available with validity periods of 1 day, 10 days, 2 months and 1 year.

Austria motorway vignette

Austrian motorways are generally marked with a white number on a blue background. There are large blue signs on all the slip roads to motorways subject to tolls and toll stickers.

Austrian motorway map

Table: Motorways in Austria with a compulsory vignette

NumberNameRouteLengthThings to note
A1West Autobahn (West motorway)Wien-Auhof – Walserberg state border292.4 km 
A2Süd (South motorway)Wien Inzernsdorf – Arnoldstein state border379.3 km 
A3Südost (Southeast motorway)Guntramsdorf junction – Eisenstadt junction29.5 kmIn planning: Eisenstadt junction – Klingenbach state border
A4Ost (East motorway)Wien Prater junction – Nickelsdorf state border66.6 km 
A5Nord/Weinviertel motorwayEibesbrunn junction – Drasenhofen state border53.1 km 
A6Nordost (Northeast motorway)Bruckneudorf junction – Kittsee state border22.1 km 
A7Mühlkreis motorwayLinz – Unterweitersdorf junction26.8 km 
A8Innkreis motorwayVoralpenkreuz junction – Suben state border76.2 km 
A9Pyhrn motorwayVoralpenkreuz junction – Spielfeld state border230.1 kmSpecial toll section at the Gleinalm tunnel
A10Tauern motorwaySalzburg junction – Villach junction193.8 km 
A11Karawanken motorwayVillach junction – Karawanken tunnel state border21.2 kmSpecial toll section at the Karawanken tunnel
A12Inntal motorwayState border Kufstein – Zams153 km 
A13Brenner motorwayInnsbruck junction – Brenner Pass state border34.4 kmSpecial toll route
A14Rheintal/Walgau motorwayHörbranz state border – Bludenz63.4 km 
A21Wiener Außenring motorwaySteinhäusl – Vösendorf junction38.2 km 
A22Donauufer motorwayWien Kaisermühlen junction – Stockerau junction33.2 km 
A23Südosttangente Wien motorwayWien (Vienna) Altmannsdorf – Wien (Vienna) Hirschstetten17 km 
A25Wels motorwayHaid junction – Wels junction9.7 km 
A26Linz motorwayLinz Hummelhof – Linz Urfahr junction0.6 kmPartly in planning/under construction

Austria toll roads

In addition to the regular motorways subject to vignette stickers and tolls, there are also a number of toll pass roads in Austria for which additional charges are levied.

The Brenner Pass, A13 (special toll route)

No vignette is required on the A13 motorway between the border to Italy and Innsbruck, instead a special toll is charged. Regardless of the vehicle type, the charge is 11 euros for a single journey and it can be paid in cash or by card on site or digitally in advance.

Gerlos Alpine Road

The picturesque Gerlos Alpine Road from Salzburg to Hinterwaldberg is privately owned and is subject to tolls. 

 MotorcycleCars/motorhomes/ campervans up to 3.5 tonnes (maximum weight)Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 to 7.5 t
Day ticket€8.50€12€19.50
8-day card€20€26.50
3-week card€29.50€45
Annual pass€62.50€62.50€140

Grossglockner High Alpine Road

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which is only open seasonally, is closed at night and in the winter months, although the length of the winter closure depends on the current weather conditions.

 Electric motorcycleMotorcycleElectric and hydrogen carsCars/motorhomes/campervans up to 3.5 tonnes (maximum vehicle weight)Vehicles weighing 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes
Day ticket€28€33€35.50€43€52.50
Day ticket extension for 1 more day€16€16€16€16
3-week ticket€66€66€86€86
Season ticket€121€121€121€121

Silvretta High Alpine Road

The Silvretta High Alpine Road between the Vorarlberg Montafon and the Paznaun in Tyrol is usually open from May to late autumn.

 Moped (up to 50 cc)E-motorbikeMotorcycle/ quad bikeElectric car (up to 9 people)Passenger car (up to 9 people)Motorhomes and trucks
Day ticket€8€12.50€16€15€19.50€28
Season ticket€100€100€100€113€113€155

Tauern motorway A10 (special toll section)

No vignette is required on the A10 motorway between the Flachau and Rennweg junctions, but a special toll is to be paid. This section of the route includes both the Tauern Tunnel and the Katschberg Tunnel. 

Route sectionSingle journeyMulti-journey ticketMulti-journey ticket for commutersMulti-journey ticket for vehicles for the disabled
Total route (Flachau – Rennweg)€13.50€81€13.50Free of charge
Katschberg tunnel (St. Michael – Rennweg)€7
Tauern Tunnel (St. Michael – Flachau)€7
Tauern Tunnel (Zederhaus – Flachau)€7

Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road 

Closed during the winter months, the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road connects Austria with South Tyrol in Italy. 

 MotorcycleCars (up to 3.5 tonnes and a maximum of 9 seats)Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes
Single journey€17€19€30
Outbound and return journey€23€26
Season ticket€85€85
Austria motorway vignette

Tunnel tolls in Austria

Apart from the tunnels mentioned above as sections of the A10 motorway – the Tauern Tunnel and the Katschberg Tunnel, a road toll is also charged for the following tunnels in Austria.

Arlberg road tunnel

A single journey through the tunnel costs €11.50 regardless of the type of vehicle provided that it has a total vehicle weight of less than 3.5 tonnes. The year-round multi-journey ticket is available for €69.

Felbertauern tunnel

The fees for use can be paid on site in cash or by card and amount to €12 for motorbikes and €13.50 for cars up to 3.5 tonnes, and motorhomes/campers.

Gleinalm tunnel

Cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes are charged €17 for use, which can be paid online or at the toll station on site. A multi-journey ticket valid all year round is available for €71.50. 

Karawanken tunnel

The Karawanken Tunnel is located directly on the border between Austria and Slovenia. It has a length of 7,864 metres and connects the Austrian A11 motorway with the A2 in Slovenia. The flat-rate fee of €8.20 is paid online or directly on site via the Austrian ASFiNAG when travelling south; vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are billed via a GO-Box. 

Motorail in Austria

At the Tauernbahn motorail, car transportation trains commute through the 8371 metre long Tauern railway tunnel every hour during the day. The journey time for the 11.75 km route is around 12 minutes, plus the loading and unloading times. There are a number of restrictions on transport. Vehicles weighing a maximum of 25 tonnes, 12.5 m long, 2.50 m wide and 3.60 m (truck) to 3.80 m (bus) high are permitted.

Table: Prices for the Tauernbahn motorail

 Motorcycle, car up to 3.5 tonnes, motorhome with 2 axlesCar with a trailerMotorhome with 3 axles, truck
Single journey€20.40€32.50€60
Weekly ticket€73.70
Monthly ticket€134.60
Annual pass€293.40

The toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in Austria

Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tonnes, such as larger motorhomes, are subject to a mileage-based toll in Austria. A GO-Box must be installed in the vehicle in order to pay this fee. An additional vignette is not required for a total mass of over 3.5 tonnes.

The licence plate number, the vehicle category (based on the number of axles), and the emission class are stored in the GO-Box. The price per kilometre depends on both factors. The lowest possible price per kilometre is €0.0538 plus VAT for a two-axle vehicle in CO₂ emission class 5. At the other end of the scale are vehicles in CO₂ emission class 1 with four or more axles, where the price per kilometre excluding VAT is €0.5540.

Austria vignette - where to buy

Further information

The first general source of information is the website of the Austrian road operator ASFiNAG. There you can purchase the vignette for Austria online, obtain up-to-date information on special route tolls, and calculate the expected costs using the toll planner.

Further information about the GO-Box and the box itself can be found on the GO website website, which is also operated by ASFiNAG. There you will also find a toll calculator for vehicles with a total mass of more than 3.5 tonnes.


Do you need a vignette in Austria?

Yes. For vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes, a vignette is required to drive on Austrian motorways.

Where can I get a vignette for Austria?

The vignette for driving in Austria is available online on the website of the road operator ASFiNAG and from various other portals. It can be purchased locally at a large number of sales outlets and petrol stations in the country and near the border.

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