Electronic Vignette in the Czech Republic 2024: Price and How to Buy


Apart from a few exceptions, a vignette is compulsory for all motor vehicles except motorbikes on most motorways in the Czech Republic. These electronic vignettes can be purchased online in advance or on-site when entering the country and are valid for 10, 30, or 365 days. One-day vignettes have also been available since 1 March 2024. All vignettes are purely electronic and are linked to your vehicle’s licence plate.

Toll and vignette in the Czech Republic: General information

The toll in the Czech Republic is between CZK 0.002 and CZK 5.36 per kilometre. This applies to a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tonnes on motorways and dual carriageways. The vignettes are not physically handed out. Instead, your vehicle’s number plate is stored in the system and regularly checked by electronic recording systems on motorways and dual carriageways. As they are linked to the licence plate, the digital vignettes are not transferable.

Electric and hydrogen cars can be exempted from the vignette and toll obligation online for a fee. Vignettes are available at reduced prices for hybrid vehicles with a maximum CO2 emissions of 50 g/km and for cars powered by natural gas or biogas.

Czech toll roads

Vignettes in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, motorists have to pay 2,300 crowns (approx. 90 euros) for a one-year vignette. The vignette for one month costs 430 crowns (approx. 17 euros), and for ten days it costs only 270 crowns (approx. 11 euros). Emission-free electric and hydrogen vehicles do not require a vignette. An exemption can be applied for online. Important: Since 1 March 2024, there is no longer a full exemption for plug-in hybrids.

Table: Vignette prices for the Czech Republic

(Cars up to 3.5 tonnes)
1 day10 days30 days
1 year
Petrol/diesel200 CZK (7.88 EUR)270 CZK (10.63 EUR)430 CZK (16.93 EUR)2300 CZK (90.58 EUR)
Biomethane/natural gas drive100 CZK (3.94 EUR)130 CZK (5.12 EUR)210 CZK (8.27 EUR)1150 CZK (45.29 EUR)
Plug-in hybrid (up to max. 50 g/km CO2)50 CZK (1.97 EUR)60 CZK (2.36 EUR)100 CZK (3.94 EUR)570 CZK (22.45 EUR)
(Valid from 01/03/2024. Figures in Euro as of 23 February 2024)

The electronic vignette required in the Czech Republic can be purchased in various ways:

  • i via the official online portal
  • i at self-service machines near the border
  • i nationwide at all post offices and petrol stations that are part of the Euro-Oil network

The most convenient option is to buy the vignette online, not more than 30 days before travelling to the Czech Republic. If this is not possible, there are designated sales points and machines on the motorways directly behind the national border. 

A note about road signs: Czech motorways are marked with a white number on a red background and a white motorway symbol on a green background.

Toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tonnes are subject to road tolls. You can register online. A satellite-based transmitter – a so-called on-board unit (OBU), is required to collect the motorway toll in the Czech Republic. The device can be collected from a sales outlet against a deposit. Payment of the individual toll charges can be made by topping up the credit or after use.

Czech vignette

The respective toll charge depends on a variety of factors. This includes the road category (motorway or dual carriageway), the vehicle category (consisting of weight class, number of axles and emission class), the CO2 emission class of the vehicle, and the time of day. Accordingly, the charges range from CZK 0.019 per kilometre for a motorhome of just over 3.5 tonnes (with EURO VI emission standard during the day on motorways) to over CZK 5 per kilometre for a heavy articulated lorry (EURO 0-IV emission standard when driving at night on motorways).

Toll roads in the Czech Republic

Almost all motorways and highways in the Czech Republic are subject to tolls. Below you will find a list of the most frequently used toll roads in the Czech Republic. The toll charges shown are calculated using the example of a motorhome with a gross vehicle weight of 4.1 tonnes, emission class EURO VI and CO2 emission class 1 at 10 am. For the sake of clarity, the list is divided into motorways and highways. 

Electronic vignette in the Czech Republic

Here, too, a note about road signs: First-class toll motorways are marked with a white number between 1 and 99 on a blue background.

Table: Toll motorways and motorway sections in the Czech Republic

No.RouteDistance (km)Total Price (CZK)
D0Praha, Satalice – Praha, Běchovice4.63.57
D0Modletice (D1) – Praha, Ruzyně37.128.80
D1Průhonice – Říkovice274.1212.81
D1Přerov, Předmostí – Staatsgrenze9775.31
D2Brno, jih – Staatsgrenze61.447.67
D3Mezno – Úsilné71.355.36
D3Pohůrka – Krasejovka11.28.70
D4Jíloviště – Háje41.932.53
D4Radobytce – Nová Hospoda6.75.20
D5Praha, Třebonice – Staatsgrenze156.1121.20
D6Praha, Řepy – Krušovice42.933.31
D6Lubenec, východ – Bošov8.86.83
D6Jenišov – Cheb, sever39.230.43
D7Praha, Ruzyně – Knovíz1713.20
D7Panenský Týnec – Smolnice6.55.05
D7Louny, východ – Louny, západ6.14.74
D7Postoloprty – Spořice23.618.32
D8Praha, Březiněves – Staatsgrenze98.776.63
D10Praha, Satalice – Ohrazenice72.756.44
D11Praha, Horní Počernice – Jaroměř, sever116.190.04
D35Sedlice – Ostrov32.425.16
D35Mohelnice, jih – Křelov27.321.20
D35Olomouc, Topolany – Lipník nad Bečvou33.325.85
D46Vyškov, východ – Olomouc, Slavonín41.131.91
D48Bělotín – Jeseník nad Odrou8.66.68
D48Palačov  –  Nový Jičín, centrum96.99
D48Rybí – Žukov45735.48
D52Rajhrad – Pohořelice, jih1713.20
D55Hulín – Napajedla20.215.68
D56Ostrava, Hrabová – Frýdek-Místek14.911.57

Table: Toll highways and sections of highways in the Czech Republic

No. Route Distance (km) Total Price (CZK)
I/3Mirošovice – Mezno46.818.18
I/4Praha – Jíloviště5.32.06
I/6Bošov – Karlovy Vary29.711.54
I/7Spořice – Chomutov3.41.32
I/11Ropice – Mosty u Jablunkova28.611.11
I/11Krásné Pole – Ostrava83.11
I/12Praha – Kolín32.512.62
I/16Řevničov – Bezděčín75.629.36
I/16Mladá Boleslav – Úlibice37.614.60
I/19Oltyně – Čekanice10.44.04
I/19Tábor – Pelhřimov38.114.80
I/20Plzeň – České Budějovice10942.43
I/22Vodňany – Klatovy55.921.71
I/26Plzeň – Folmava51.720.08 
I/27Plzeň, Litice – Klatovy30.811.96
I/30Lovosice – Ústí nad Labem14.45.59
I/33Semonice – Náchod18.27.07
I/34České Budějovice – Jindřichův Hradec43.716.97
I/34Jarošov nad Nežárkou – Koclířov120.846.92
I/35Bílý Kostel nad Nisou – Ohrazenice33.813.13
I/35Turnov – Jičín13.85.36
I/35Úlibice – Všestary28.811.19
I/35Hradec Králové – Mohelnice89.334.68
I/35Křelov – Olomouc2.91,13
I/37Hradec Králové – Pardubice17.36.72
I/38Jestřebí – Mladá Boleslav31.112.08
I/38Poděbrady – Hatě157.461.13
I/43Brno – Svitavy53.820.90
I/46Olomouc, Slavonín – Olomouc, centrum0.90.35
I/47Kroměříž – Hulín3.41.32
I/47Přerov – Bělotín26.110.14
I/48Bělotín – Rybí22.18.58
I/50Holubice – Rovné86.133.44
I/52Brno – Rajhrad5.92.29
I/52Pohořelice – Mikulov23.39.05
I/55Přerov – Hulín11.44.43
I/58Příbor – Krmelín12.24.74
I/63Bystřany – Řehlovice7.52.91
I/68Třanovice – Nebory6.12.37

Further information can be found in these official sources:

All information on Czech motorway vignettes can be found in the official Online shop. You can also purchase an electronic vignette directly there.

Further information on the toll, including a toll calculator, a list of sales points for recording devices, and the option to register electronically, can be found on the official website. This is also available as an app for Android and iOS.


Do I need a vignette in the Czech Republic?

Yes. An electronic vignette is required for all vehicles except motorbikes and trikes when using motorways in the Czech Republic.

How much does the toll cost in the Czech Republic?

The tolls, which apply to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes or more, range from CZK 0.019 to CZK 5.361 per kilometre. They depend on a whole range of factors: road category, vehicle category, gross vehicle weight rating, number of axles and time of day.

 Do I need a vignette in Prague?

No. Vignettes are not required for Prague city traffic.

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