What to do if your car’s bonnet won't open

What to do if your car’s bonnet won't open
  1. Press down on the bonnet and ask an assistant to pull the interior release latch.
    This will work if the cable has got stuck between the lock and lever.
    The bonnet will pop up slightly and you’ll be able to open it from the outside.
  2. Find the cable near the interior release latch and pull it gently.
    If the bonnet opens after you do this, the cable may have slipped or stretched.
    If you don’t feel the cable tension at all, it may need to be replaced.
  3. Look for the opening in the radiator grille.
    Use a torch and a small mirror to find a hook in the opening (it is part of the locking mechanism) and pull it out.
    The bonnet will open if the cable is attached to the latch.
  4. If you can’t open the front lock, get to the bonnet from below.
    Before you start, read the vehicle operating manual.
    Jack up your car and try to grip the latch or cable with pliers.
  5. Contact a repair service if your bonnet still won’t open after following these steps.
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