Swiss Vignette: Vignette Price and Toll Roads


Tolls in Switzerland: general information

There is no distance-based car toll; in fact, levying this type of toll is prohibited by the Swiss Federal Constitution.  However, all motor vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes are required to have a vignette for driving in Switzerland, while vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes that are not used for freight transport are subject to a flat-rate heavy vehicle charge (PSVA). This is not only compulsory on motorways, but also on the entire Swiss public road network (and in Liechtenstein).

Vehicle types and respective fee types in Switzerland

To provide an overview, the respective requirements are listed here once again according to the vehicle type.

Vehicle typeType of feeWhere it is used
Vehicles and trailers up to 3.5 tonnesVignetteNational motorways and dual carriageways
Vehicles and trailers over 3.5 tonnes (e.g. heavy cars, heavy motorhomes and caravans, buses)Flat-rate heavy vehicle charge (PSVA)Entire road network
Commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnesPerformance-related heavy vehicle charge (LSVA)Entire road network

The performance-related heavy goods vehicle charge for freight transport is not covered in this article.

Driving in Switzerland - vignette

Vignettes in Switzerland

The vignette system in Switzerland has a relatively simple structure. Every vehicle with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes requires its own Swiss vignette in order to use the national motorways and dual carriageways. This also applies to trailers. If you are driving in Switzerland with a trailer, you will need two vignettes, one for the towing vehicle and one for the trailer. They are not only available as classic adhesive vignettes, but since 2023 also as e-vignettes.

Vignette Switzerland: price

In Switzerland, there are no vignettes for periods of less than one year, i.e. no 1-day, 10-day or monthly vignettes. The annual vignettes for using the national motorways and dual carriageways in Switzerland cost CHF 40 for all motor vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. The vignette is valid for the calendar year in which it is purchased and for January of the following year.

Where can I buy vignettes for Switzerland?

Physical vignettes for using the national motorways and dual carriageways in Switzerland can be purchased directly at border stations, as well as online. The Switzerland e-vignette is only available online in the Via online shop of the Swiss Federal Office for Customs and Border Security. As previously mentioned, only the annual vignette for the current calendar year is available for CHF 40; there are no options for shorter periods.

Motorway vignettes in Switzerland

National motorways can be identified by a green motorway sign with a white outline and a white number with a red background. National dual carriageways also have a white number on a red background and a green sign with a white car on it. Please note that the motorways and dual carriageways are often split up by several slip roads. These slip roads are part of the respective motorway or dual carriageway and are also subject to a Swiss motorway pass.

Swiss motorway map

The cantonal motorways and dual carriageways, on the other hand, are not subject to vignettes. However, the signposting is not standardised and it is often difficult to distinguish them from national motorways and dual carriageways at first glance. The most prominent examples of cantonal motorways are the A50, A51 and A52 in the greater Zurich area.

National road/
Slip road
NamesRouteLengthThings to note
N1East-west axis, Lake Geneva motorwaySt. Margrethen – Bardonnex410 km 
N1KKreuzbleicheSt. Gallen Kreuzbleiche – Rosenbergstrasse  
N1LLettenZürich Ost – Zürich Letten  
N1HHardturmLimmattal – Zürich Hardturm  
N1RAaretalstrasseAarau-Ost – Rohr  
N1TNeufeld TunnelBern-Neufeld – Bern (Tiefenaustrasse)  
N1F Bern-Forsthaus – Bern (island)  
N1M Ecublens – Lausanne Maladière  
N1G Le Vengeron – Genève Lac/Route de Meyrin  
N1EVoie centralePerly – La Praille/Carrefour de l’Etoile  
N2Gotthard motorway, north-south axisKleinhüningen – Chiasso295 km 
N2PGotthard PassMotto Bartola – A2  
N3Walensee motorwayBasel Kannenfeld – Sarganserland180 km 
N3WWiedikonZürich Süd – Zürich Wiedikon  
N4 Thayngen customs office – Brunnen Süd165 km 
  Flüelen – Altdorf  
N5Motorway on the southern Jura river (Jurasüdfluss)Luterbach – Biel/Bienne (Bernstrasse)100 km 
 Biel WestastBrüggmoos – Vingelz connection Suspended
 Ligerz tunnelTwann – Ligerz  
  Connection La Neuveville – Yverdon  
N6 Brüggmoos – Mülenen84 km 
N6MMuriMuri near Bern – Rüfenacht2 km 
N6TThunThun Nord – Glättimüli near Steffisburg1.9 km 
N6WWimmisWimmis – Simmenflue Tunnel  
N7 Kreuzlingen – Winterthur Ost  
N8 Spiez – Faulensee  
  Leissigen West – Leissigen Ost2 km 
  Interlaken West/Gunten – Brienzwiler23 km 
  Lungern Nord – Lungern Süd  
  Giswil Süd – Hergiswil NW  
N9Rhone motorwayVallorbe – Ganterbrücke230 kmSierre Ost – Leuk and Gampel – Visp Süd sections under construction
N9CLutryLutry – La Croix  
N11Airport (Flughafen) motorwayKloten Nord – Zürich Nord6 km 
N12 Bern-Weyermannshaus – La Veyre/Vevey80 km 
N13Rhine Valley motorway, San Bernardino routeSt. Margrethen – Bellinzona Nord198.9 km 
 Locarno bypass (Umfahrung)Aeroporto Locarno – Ascona  
N14 Rotsee/Emmen Süd – Walterswil/Sihlbrugg  
N15Oberland motorwayBrüttisellen – Uster Ost  
  Uster Ost – Ottikon In planning
  Betzholz – Reichenburg  
N16TransjuraneBoncourt JU – La Heutte  
  Biel/Bienne-Taubenloch – Biel/Bienne Ost/Bözingenfeld  
N16TLa Rochette TunnelTavannes – Route de Tramelan  
N17 Näfels – Niederurnen2.6 km 
N18 Hagnau – Angenstein  
  Gelingen bypass (Umfahrung)  
N20Allée des DéfricheursLe Locle Ost – La Chaux-de-Fonds West  
  La Chaux-de-Fonds – Neuchâtel  
  Thielle – Ins7.2 km 
N21Martigny bypass (Umfahrung)Grand St-Bernard – Martigny-Croix  
N22 Pratteln – Sissach  
N23Bodensee-ThurtalstrasseGrüneck – Meggenhus40.9 kmEschikofen – Arbon West section in planning
N24Motorway slip roadMendrisio – Stabio3.5 km 

Swiss toll roads

As levying a regular Swiss toll for passenger transport is prohibited by law, there are officially no toll roads. The road charges incurred for the chargeable roads listed below are usually declared as driving authorisation or parking charges.

Sellamatt Alpine Road

Using the road costs CHF 13 per day or CHF 30 per week. A ticket machine is located just after the Schwendi junction in Sellamatt. 

Mountain roads in the municipality of Arosa

Tickets can be purchased at various shops in the village, as well as via TWINT, Parkingpay or EasyPark.

1 day17 days1 year
CHF 10CHF 30 (up to 3.5 tonnes)CHF 60 (over 3.5 tonnes)CHF 90 (up to 3.5 tonnes)CHF 180 (over 3.5 tonnes)


The driving permit can be purchased from the municipality of Tamin or by SMS.

 1 day1 month1 year
MotorcycleCHF 10CHF 16CHF 25
Cars up to 3.5 tonnesCHF 20CHF 32CHF 50
Vehicles over 3.5 tonnesCHF 40CHF 64CHF 100


A voluntary fee of CHF 5 per day or CHF 15 per year is requested on site to use the 6 km-long route.


In order to drive on the 5 km-long Hahnenmoosstrasse between the villages of Gilbach and Geils in the canton of Bern, you must apply for a special permit for a fee. This is only available for travellers from outside the region in the summer season from 1 May to 30 November. The cost is CHF 8 per day, CHF 15 for 21 days and CHF 40 for the entire season.


The fees can be paid on site at the Wagenkehr restaurant. Pitches for motorhomes cost CHF 25 per night.

 1 day1 monthSeason
MotorcyclesCHF 5CHF 20CHF 40
Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnesCHF 10CHF 40CHF 80
Vehicles 3.5-7.5 tonnesCHF 20N/AN/A
Vehicles 7.5-32 tonnesCHF 50N/AN/A

Tunnel fees in Switzerland

A fee is charged for the following tunnels in Switzerland.

Great St Bernard Tunnel

The Great St Bernard Tunnel connects Martigny in the canton of Valais in Switzerland with la Valle d’Aosta in Italy over a distance of 5,798 metres. Payments are made on site at the entrance.

 Single journeyOutbound and return journey10 journeys20 journeys
Motorcycles (with sidecar/trailer)EUR 18.50EUR 24.50EUR 125EUR 165
Vehicles with two or more axles (up to 2 metres high)EUR 31EUR 50EUR 125EUR 165
Vehicles with two or more axles (2 to 3 m high)EUR 48.50EUR 77.50EUR 290EUR 285
Lorries/buses with two axles (over 3 m high)EUR 84.50EUR 136.50EUR 630EUR 1090

Munt-la-Schera Tunnel

The 3385 metre-long Munt-la-Schera Tunnel connects Engadin in Switzerland with the province of Sondrio in Italy. The maximum permissible vehicle dimensions are 3.60 metres high and 2.5 metres wide. Tickets are sold online at the following prices.

 MotorcyclePassenger carCaravan
Single ticket (Sun-Fri)CHF 11CHF 20CHF 23
Return ticket (Sun-Fri)CHF 17CHF 35CHF 41
Single ticket (Sat)CHF 11CHF 29CHF 23
Return ticket (Sat)CHF 17CHF 42CHF 41

Motorails in Switzerland

There are several motorail stations in Switzerland where vehicles are transferred to transport trains in order to avoid long detours. The Oberalp motorail station was closed in spring 2023.

Where to buy Swiss vignette

Furka Tunnel motorail

The 15.38 km-long Furka Base Tunnel connects Oberwald in the canton of Valais with Realp in the canton of Uri. The motorail trains run every hour during the day and every half hour from Friday to Monday. The journey takes about 15 minutes. The tickets are available online and at onsite ticket machines. 

 01.10. to to 30.09.
MotorcyclesCHF 20CHF 20
Motor vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and 3.05 m highCHF 33CHF 27
Motor vehicles and trailers that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes or are more than 3.05 m highCHF 66CHF 54
Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes without a trailer (advance registration required)CHF 200CHF 200

Lötschberg Tunnel car transport service

The 14.6 km-long Lötschberg Tunnel has connected the Kander Valley to Goppenstein in Valais since 1913. The journey by car train takes place every half hour and takes about 15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased on site and online.

 Monday to ThursdayFriday to Sunday, public holidays
Motorcycles/TrikesCHF 19CHF 19
Cars up to 3.5 tonnes and 9 seats, motorhomes up to 5 tonnesCHF 25 (online)
CHF 27
CHF 28 (online)
CHF 29.50
Trailers up to 0.75 tonnesCHF 20CHF 20
Trailers from 0.75 to 3.5 tonnesCHF 27CHF 29.50

Simplon Tunnel car train

The 19.8 kilometre-long Simplon Tunnel is located between Brig in the Swiss canton of Valais and Iselle di Trasquera in the Italian region of Piedmont. Trains run every 90 minutes and have a journey time of 90 minutes. Tickets are available online and on site on the Swiss side.

MotorcyclesCHF 15
Cars and motorhomes up to 3.5 tonnes and 9 seatsCHF 26
Motorhomes over 3.5 tonnesCHF 45
Trailers up to 0.75 tonnesCHF 15
Trailers from 0.75 to 3.5 tonnesCHF 26

Vereina Tunnel car train

The car train runs every 30 minutes through the 19 km-long Vereina Tunnel between Klosters in Prättigau and Sagliains in Engadin. Single tickets for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes can be purchased online, alternatively, all tickets are available on site.

 01.12. to to 30.11.
MotorcyclesCHF 22CHF 21
Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and 9 seatsCHF 39CHF 34
Vehicles from 3.5 to 5 tonnesCHF 84CHF 52
Vehicles from 5 to 10 tonnesCHF 126CHF 81
Trailers up to 0.75 tonnesCHF 22CHF 21
Trailers from 0.75 to 3.5 tonnesCHF 39CHF 34
Trailers from 3.5 to 5 tonnesCHF 84CHF 52

The toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in Switzerland

All vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tonnes must pay a flat-rate heavy vehicle charge (PSVA) in Switzerland. This also applies to motorhomes and trailers. The PSVA is not only required on all public roads in Switzerland, but also for travelling in general; it must also be paid for a motorhome that is only parked on a campsite.

The PSVA can be paid at border crossings when entering the country or in advance online or in the Via app. The proof of payment issued for the vehicle must then be presented upon request during inspections.

The following costs apply for a motorhome or caravan with a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes:

1-30 consecutive daysCHF 3.25 per day (min. CHF 25, max. CHF 58.50)
10 freely selectable individual daysCHF 32.50
1-11 consecutive monthsCHF 58.50 per month
1 year from issue dateCHF 650

The PSVA can be transferred to another vehicle as long as it is of the same type of vehicle.

Swiss road tax

Further information

All basic information on the vignette and PSVA in Switzerland can be found on the official VIA online portal of the Swiss Federal Office for Customs and Border Security.

An official, interactive map showing all motorways and dual carriageways subject to vignettes is provided by the Swiss Federal Roads Office.

You can find information about the current riding quality of the many Alpine passes here.


How much is a Swiss vignette?

The Swiss vignette costs CHF 40 and is valid for the calendar year plus the following January.

Do you need a vignette in Switzerland?

Yes. All vehicles within the permissible total weight require a vignette in Switzerland.

Can you tell me where to buy the Swiss vignette?

Vignette stickers are available in both online shops, such as the Swiss Post website, and at border stations or post offices. The e-vignette can be purchased worldwide via the VIA online portal or the VIA app.

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