iTEQ (DDi iTEQ) engines: operating characteristics

iTEQ (DDi iTEQ) engines: operating characteristics

iTEQ (DDi iTEQ) is a series of diesel engines produced by Isuzu Motors. The first engine in this range was introduced in 2004. They were installed on the D-Max pickups, as well as on the body-on-frame SUVs MU-7 and MU-X. The vehicles were equipped with the Common Rail fuel injection system.

Features of iTEQ engines

iTEQ engines are inline-four cylinder with 16 valves. All of them are single- or twin-turbo with an intercooler. Some versions are equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger. The engine block is made of cast iron and the cylinder head is made from a special aluminium alloy patented by Isuzu Motors. The valve timing mechanism usually uses a steel chain. The plunger and barrel assembly of the fuel injectors is coated in ebonite, which guarantees a higher lifespan of the unit even if poor-quality fuel is used, and is a feature of Isuzu-branded engine injectors.

Popular iTEQ engines

Series Capacity, L Version code Max. output, hp Max. torque, N·m Production start Models equipped with this type of engine
4JJ1 3.0 TC 177 430 2004 Isuzu D-Max, MU-7; Holden Rodeo, Colorado
3.0 TCX 163
Isuzu D-Max, MU-X
4JK1 2.5 TC 116 280 2005 Isuzu D-Max; Chevrolet Colorado
2.5 TCX 136 325 2005 Isuzu D-Max, MU-X; Holden Rodeo; Chevrolet Colorado
2.5 1E5-TC 160 400 2012 Isuzu D-Max (for Europe only)

Common malfunctions of iTEQ engines

Malfunctions  Engines
Carbon deposits build up on the EGR valve, causing it to jam. 4JJ1-TC; 4JJ1-TCX
The valve clearances change over time. Manual adjustment is necessary due to the lack of hydraulic self-adjustment. 4JJ1-TC; 4JJ1-TCX
The diesel particulate filter gets clogged at relatively low mileages. 4JJ1-TC; 4JJ1-TCX; 4JK1-TC; 4JK1-TCX


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