What is TRACS? Description and operating principle

What is TRACS? Description and operating principle

TRACS is an anti-slip control system installed on all-wheel drive Volvo cars. It improves the vehicle’s traction on a slippery surface. The system ensures higher car stability when  starting off, improves the acceleration dynamics, and eases driving uphill. It functions at speeds below 40 km/h.

TRACS operating principle

Using the wheel speed sensors, the system defines which of the wheels starts slipping and applies braking force to it. Involved in this process are ABS components and braking mechanisms. As a result, a higher torque is transmitted to the opposite wheel, which grips the road better. This contributes to increasing the overall traction and helps the vehicle to negotiate slippery sections of road.

TRACS is activated automatically when the engine is started. The driver can deactivate it, using the button on the centre console.

Popular Volvo models with the TRACS system

  • 850;
  • V70 II Cross Country;
  • XC70 II Cross Country;
  • XC90 I;
  • S60 I.


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