What is VDIM? Description and operating principle

What is VDIM? Description and operating principle

VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management) is an integrated technology for controlling the vehicle’s dynamic parameters. It has been used on Toyota and Lexus cars. It first appeared in 2004 on the Toyota Crown Majesta model. It improves the vehicle’s handling, off-road capability, and maneuverability.

How VDIM works

VDIM optimises the operation of several driver assists, namely the anti-lock braking, traction control, stability control, and brake force distribution systems, along with the electric power steering and others. To achieve this, the speed of each wheel, position of the brake and accelerator pedals, steering wheel angle, pressure in the brake system, and the car’s yaw rate are constantly monitored. This data makes it possible to assess the road situation. The risk of the car deviating from its intended trajectory is minimised with the help of the VSC and EPS systems.

TRC is activated when wheel slippage is detected. A quick hard push on the brake pedal activates the emergency brake assist (BA). The ABS system intervenes to prevent the wheels from locking.

Popular cars with VDIM

Reasons for malfunction

  • ! The ABS sensors become dirty.
  • ! Damage to the wiring that supplies power to the sensors.
  • ! Low level of brake fluid.
  • ! Wheels of improper size.


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