What is CRS? Features and technical specifications

What is CRS? Features and technical specifications

CRS is an abbreviation that stands for Common Rail direct fuel injection system and refers to the diesel engines themselves that are installed on cars and buses produced by the Indian company, Ashok. Nowadays, most vehicles of this car manufacturer are equipped with these engines.

Features of CRS engines

These are powerful turbocharged engines. Usually, they have 4 or 6 cylinders. They are designed to operate under heavy loads. Often they are equipped with modern systems such as iEGR and i-Gen6, which help to optimise the fuel consumption and reduce the amount of harmful emissions.

CRS engines

Name Engine capacity, l Max. output, hp Max. torque, N⋅m Production start Ashok Leyland models equipped with this type of engine
ZD30 3.0 103–174 209–540 2014 MiTR; LCV Truck-Partner
Neptune up to 8 76‒400 below 1,600 2013 Sankagiri Express 3120; 3120 MAV; 4940
H-series 5.7 225 800 2010 U-4923
147 450 OYSTER Wide


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