What is TRC? Features and technical specifications

What is TRC? Features and technical specifications

TRC (traction control) is a system which has been installed on Toyota cars. It works closely with ABS. The system prevents wheel slippage and provides reliable road traction. It ensures the efficient use of the engine torque when driving on roads with variable grip and improves the vehicle’s stability on slippery surfaces.

How TRC works

It is based on monitoring the rotation speed of the wheels. If slipping is detected, individual wheels are slowed down. To achieve this, the pump and solenoids of the ABS hydraulic unit are activated. In addition, this system can limit the engine torque temporarily.

It is advisable to switch off the TRC when driving on a dirt or snow-covered road, in order to improve the vehicle’s off-road capability. In this case, the corresponding dashboard indicator lights up. It reminds the driver that the system has been disabled.

Popular cars equipped with TRC

Reasons for malfunction

  • ! Damaged wires of the ABS sensors.
  • ! Installation of tyres with different tread patterns on one axle.
  • ! Discontinuity in the oxygen sensor heater circuit.
  • ! Multiple misfire in the cylinders.
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