VCDi engines: what it stands for and its performance parameters

VCDi engines: what it stands for and its performance parameters

VCDi is a series of turbocharged diesel engines with the Common Rail fuel injection system. They have been installed on Chevrolet cars since 2006. They were first produced by the company VM Motori. Since 2010 these engines have been produced by General Motors.

Features of VCDi engines

The engines have 4 cylinders and 16 valves. The engine block is made of cast iron and the cylinder head of aluminium. The valve timing mechanism uses a belt or a chain. All versions are equipped with a variable-geometry turbocharger, which boosts performance.

Technical specifications of VCDi engines

Engine code Capacity, L Max. output, hp Max. torque, N·m Production start Models equipped with this type of engine
Z20S (Z20DMH, LLW) 2.0 150 320 2006 Captiva C100; Cruze J300; Epica V250. 
Z20S1 (Z20DM, LMN) 2.0 121‒127  280‒300 2006 Captiva C100; Lacetti J200. 
Z20D1 (LNP) 2.0 163 350–360  2010 Cruze J300; Orlando J309; Malibu
Z22D1 (LNQ) 2.2 163–184 350–400 2010 Captiva C140.

Common malfunctions of VCDi engines

Malfunctions Engines
Elements of the fuel system are highly sensitive to the fuel quality.Z20S (Z20DMH, LLW); Z20D1 (LNP); Z20S1 (Z20DM, LMN). 
The valve timing belt has a short lifespan.Z20S (Z20DMH, LLW); Z20S1 (Z20DM, LMN). 
The valve timing chain quickly gets stretched.Z22D1 (LNQ); Z20D1 (LNP). 
The turbocharger often breaks down.Z20D1 (LNP). 
The diesel particulate filter can quickly become clogged.Z20D1 (LNP). 
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