What is CiTD? Engine performance characteristics

What is CiTD? Engine performance characteristics

CiTD engines are turbocharged diesel engines with the Common Rail fuel injection system, installed on Mazda cars. They are also be referred to as MZR-CD, MZ-CD, or CD. They first appeared in 2002. These engines were widely used until 2014, after which they were gradually replaced by the Skyactiv-D engines. Most of the CiTD engines are a proprietary development of the Mazda Motor Corporation. However, some of them are modified engines produced by Groupe PSA.

Features of CiTD engines

These engines have four cylinders and 8 or 16 valves. The engine block is made of cast iron or aluminium. The cylinder head is always made of aluminium. Depending on the version, the engines can be equipped with turbochargers made by IHI, BorgWarner, or MHI, and fuel injection systems from Siemens or Denso. Rotation between the valve timing mechanism elements is transmitted by a belt or a chain.

Popular CiTD engines

Code Engine capacity, l Number of valves Max. output, hp Max. torque, N⋅m Production start Mazda models equipped with this type of engine
RF5C 2.0 16 120–135 310 2002 MPV LW; 6 GG
RF7J 2.0 16 110–145 310–360 2005 3 BK; 6 GG; 5 CR; 6 GH
R2AA 2.2 16 150‒185 360‒400 2008 3 BL; CX-7 ER; 6 GH
Y404 1.4 8 68 160 2003 2 DY; 2 DE
Y406/ Y646 1.6 16 90 205–215 2004 2 DE; 3 BK; 3 BL; 5 CW
Y601, Y642 1.6 16 109 240
Y661 1.6 8 95 205
Y650, Y655, Y6Y1 1.6 8 115 270

Common malfunctions of CiTD engines

Malfunctions  Engines
The washers under the fuel injectors often burn out. RF7J; R2AA; RF5C.
The valves of the vacuum lines have a short lifespan. RF5C.
The mass airflow sensor often breaks down. RF5C; RF7J.
The high-pressure fuel pump valve sometimes stops working. RF5C; R2AA; Y404; RF7J.
The intercooler flanges are prone to cracking. RF7J.
The timing chain gets stretched prematurely. R2AA.
The crankshaft’s damper pulley can be destroyed at a low mileage. Y404.
Cams of the camshaft wear out fast. Y406; Y642; Y646; Y601.
The turbocharger often breaks down. Y406; Y642; Y646; Y601.
The chain connecting the camshafts is prone to stretching. Y406; Y642; Y646; Y601.

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