What is Meant by Vehicle Trim Level

What is Meant by Vehicle Trim Level

If you look up the words “trim level”, you are more likely to end up confused rather than enlightened. The word trim is often used on websites and in forums, but not really defined. Here we will try to give you some information to clarify exactly what is meant.

Simply put …  . 

The phrase refers to what your car is equipped with. The manufacturer will offer features at different trim levels to make them more appealing to the buyer. Any car you purchase has a trim level – even if it’s not stated up front. These are the basic features that the manufacturer has decided to include in the model. These are not the additional packages that you can buy as “extras” – but the features that are already in the vehicle and can’t be modified or changed. 


Car manufacturers will specify the trim level of their vehicles in different ways. Some use numbers, some letters, some a cleverly thought-out word that describes the vehicle, and some use a combination. Here is an example from Mercedes:

Mercedes Benz offers the “C-Class” with five trims. Here are 3 trim levels to compare.

C 300 which offers 23/35/27 mpg, rear wheel drive, 255 of horsepower, and 273 of torque

C 300 4MATIC Saloon offering 23/33/27 mpg, all wheel drive, and 255 of horsepower and 273 of torque.

AMG C 63 features 17/26/20 mpg, all wheel drive, 503 of horsepower, and 516 of torque.

Accessory packages

Now let’s compare the above with the packages and options that you could choose to purchase, in addition to the trim level already provided by the manufacturer. 


These are features which could include, but are not limited to, an anti-locking braking system (ABS). The ESP (electronic stability programme) which prevents the car from swerving in problematic situations and keeps the wheels from spinning. You can never have enough airbags for all occupants and at the very minimum, you should have driver and passenger airbags. Depending on the manufacturer and vehicle class, airbags for all occupants, as well as head and side airbags, are available for purchase. Fog lights should also be included in any vehicle you buy.


 what does trim on a car mean

Features such as air conditioning are a matter of course, nowadays. Regardless of the vehicle category, you should not do without it. If you don’t want to have to adjust the air conditioning manually, you can add the optional automatic climate control system. The remote control for the central locking system is also an indispensable part of the car’s equipment. 

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency

It also makes sense to have an automatic start-stop system, which can help to save a considerable amount of fuel. If this is available for your dream car, it should not be ignored – your bank account will thank you for it. Investing in low rolling resistance tyres can also help to reduce fuel consumption, saving you money in the long run.


vehicle trim

An on-board computer pays off in the interior of a car and is useful and convenient in higher class car models – and good for the resale value. Depending on individual needs, it is always a good idea to have a navigation system on board.


If available, you should order your dream car in a metallic paint finish – not only does it look good, but it also enhances the value of the vehicle and increases its resale value.

Special models

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the scope of the car equipment packages on offer varies. The basic equipment of one manufacturer may be more lavish than that of a competitor – here it is worth making a close comparison.

Car trim options

Toyota, for example, gives you the choice between seven models in advance, (Avalon, Camry, Highlander, Prius, Prius Prime, 86, and Sienna) and then you’ll be confronted with an endless range of equipment when it comes to further configuration. You need to make this decision carefully – after all – you’re investing a pretty penny in your new companion and its equipment. This should strike the perfect balance between individualism, personal style, and your wallet.

What trim level is my car?

If you don’t already know your car’s trim level, you have probably become curious to find out what it is. There are several ways to do just that. You could check the vehicle and see if it has a decal showing the trim level. You might also take a look in your owner’s manual, it could be listed there as well. Nowadays, with the internet, there are many “decoding” sites  where you can enter your VIN (vehicle identification number) and find out more facts about a vehicle and its history – especially when you are planning to buy, or have bought, a used car.


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