TACshift: features, advantages & disadvantages

TACshift: features, advantages & disadvantages

TACshift (Touch Activated Control) is a manual gear shifting mode for automatic transmissions, which debuted on the Pontiac Grand Prix G-Force concept car in 2002. It also appeared on some versions of the Pontiac Grand Prix production model. It was later renamed TAPshift.

How it works

The GM 4T65E hydro-automatic electronically controlled transmission was equipped with the TACshift system. In automatic mode, the driver could choose from a few settings of the transmission. In manual mode, they could shift gears with the help of paddle shifters, marked as “+” and “-”.

Technical characteristics of transmission with the TACshift function

Gearbox codeCar layoutMax engine capacity, LMax torque, N·mProduction yearsModel applications
GM 4T65EFWD, AWD3.83801995–2008Pontiac Grand Prix

Common malfunctions 

  • The bearings break down over time.
  • The clutch drums have a short lifespan.
  • The bushes and drive chain wear out quickly.
  • The solenoids get soiled if transmission fluid is not replaced on time.


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