DTC: definition, features, and operating principle

DTC: definition, features, and operating principle

DTC is a dynamic traction control function used on BMW cars and motorcycles. It is a part of the dynamic stability control system, DSC. The function allows for more dynamic driving by partially cancelling anti-slip intervention and improves grip on loose surfaces, for example, on a snow-covered road. It has been available since 2001.

How to use DTC

The DTC function is activated by briefly pressing the corresponding button on the centre console. The dynamic stability control system (DSC) continues working, but with some limitations. In this mode, the driver has greater possibilities for maneuvering, up to controlled skidding. The system intervenes when it is necessary to help prevent an accident. In order to gain full control over the car, press the DTC activation button and hold it down for a few seconds. This way you will completely switch off the DSC stability control system.

Popular BMW cars with the DTC function

  • 2 Series F22/F23;
  • 3 Series  F30/F31;
  • 4 Series F32;
  • 4 Series Gran Coupe F36;
  • X3 E83;
  • 5 Series F10;
  • 6 Series F12/F13/F06;
  • X6 E71/E72.


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