Active Select: features, advantages & disadvantages

Active Select: features, advantages & disadvantages

Active Select is a system of manual gear shifting in automatic transmissions for Opel, Holden, and Vauxhall vehicles. It was released in the early 2000s. The manual mode enhances the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics. For instance, it ensures a more reliable start on slippery surfaces, and improves manoeuvrability. It is essential for gaining speed as it allows for faster acceleration.

How it works

The Active Select system is available on classic transmissions equipped with a hydraulic torque converter, planetary gear sets, and electronic control. In automatic mode this transmission can adapt to individual driving styles. For example, if a driver prefers a sporty style, gears will be shifted at higher RPMs. To activate the manual mode, the driver slides the gear lever from the “D” position to the left, then briefly moves it to the “+” or “-” position to shift gears up or down. The selected mode and gear are indicated on the dashboard.

Popular transmissions with the Active Select system

Gearbox codeManufacturerNumber of speedsMax engine capacity, LMax torque, N·mCar layoutProduction startModel applications
AF17 (AW60-41SN)Aisin41.8180FWD1998Opel Astra; Holden Astra; Opel Zafira
AF22 (AW50-40LE)Aisin42.5250FWD1995Opel Vectra; Opel Astra; Opel Zafira; Holden Zafira
AW55-50SNAisin53.5330FWD2000Opel Vectra; Holden Epica; Holden Equinox; Opel Signum
TF-80SCAisin62.5450FWD, AWD2000Opel Astra; Opel Vectra; Holden Zafira; Opel Insignia; Opel Zafira
5L40-EGM53.6360RWD, AWD1999Holden Caprice WM; Holden Adventra; Holden Commodore; Holden Crewman; Opel GT

Common malfunctions of transmissions with the Active Select system

The solenoids get clogged due to soiling of fluid, which causes jerks in transmission operation.AW55-50SN; TF-80SC; 5L40E; AF17 (AW60-41SN)
The planetary gear sets wear out due to oil starvation.AF17 (AW60-41SN); AW55-50SN
The seal starts leaking after a while.AF22 (AW50-40LE)
The clutch drum gets cracked.AF22 (AW50-40LE)
The transmission starts slipping due to wear of the torque converter friction plate.TF-80SC
The transmission pump can break down after continuous driving at high speed.5L40E
The rubber moulded pistons can become damaged by overheating.5L40E


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