2-Tronic — gear boxes for Peugeot cars

2-Tronic — gear boxes for Peugeot cars

2-Tronic is a 5-speed automated transmission installed on some Peugeot cars since 2005. It features a manual control mode and can adapt to individual driving style.

Operating principle

The 2-Tronic transmission is based on a manual gearbox equipped with two electromechanical devices controlled by a computer. One of them is responsible for gear selection, and the second one for engaging and disengaging the clutch. In order to switch to the manual mode, the driver slides the gear lever into the “M” position and then moves it to “+” or “-” to upshift or downshift. In this mode, the transmission can also be controlled with the help of paddle shifters.

Popular 2-Tronic transmissions

Transmission codeManufacturerMax torque, NmMax engine capacity, lDrive typeProduction startModel applications
МC5AisinFWD2005Peugeot 107
MAPPSA1401.4FWD2006Peugeot 207; Peugeot 1007

Common malfunctions of 2-Tronic transmissions

Malfunctions Transmissions
Due to firmware faults, jerks may occur during shifting. MAP
The clutch actuator has a short lifespan. MAP; C551/C552
The transmission control unit gets out of order. MAP
The clutch parts quickly become unserviceable. MAP; C551/C552

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