What is Manumatic? Features & technical parametres of the gear box

What is Manumatic? Features & technical parametres of the gear box

Manumatic is a transmission type that offers both automatic and manual operation modes. By default, gear selection is performed by the electronic control unit and is not controlled by the driver. However, if necessary, the driver can select gears manually, in order, for instance, to accelerate quickly or to save fuel. Manual control is usually performed by shifting the gear lever in a special slot, and sometimes with the help of buttons or steering wheel paddles.

Operating principle

Typically, manumatic is based on a traditional automatic transmission equipped with a hydraulic torque converter. However, automated manual transmissions and continuously variable ones can also often be seen.

The manual control mode is made possible due to a special electronic control unit firmware. When the driver chooses a certain gear, the corresponding signal is sent to the electronic control unit which then engages the selected gear.

Popular manumatic brand names

NameCar make
Sportronic, Q-Tronic, Q-SystemAlfa Romeo
Touch Activated Power (TAPshift)Chevrolet, Pontiac, Saturn
S Tronic Audi
SteptronicBMW, MINI, Rover, MG
AutoStickDodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram 
Shiftronic, HIVEC H-MaticHyundai
MultiMatic, iShift, S-maticHonda
Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG)Volkswagen, Škoda
CommandShiftLand Rover
TouchShift, G Tronic,Mercedes-Benz
Xtronic CVT, DualMatic M-ATxNissan
ActiveSelectOpel, Vauxhall, Holden
TiptronicPorsche, Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi, Škoda, Peugeot
Tiptronic SPorsche
Geartronic, I-ShiftVolvo
SportShiftSubaru, Honda
Auto-Gear ShiftSuzuki
Multimode manual transmissionToyota
SportronicAlfa Romeo, Mitsubishi
SelectShift Ford, Lincoln
Sequential SportShift Acura, Honda, Ford
Allshift, INVECS I-III, Twin Clutch SSTMitsubishi
Multimode manual transmissionToyota
TouchtronicAston Martin
EGSPeugeot, Citroën
Sentronic Saab
Driver Shift Control (DSC), Touch Activated Control (TACshift) Pontiac

Advantages and disadvantages of manumatic

Advantages Disadvantages 
Engine braking is possibleSlower gear shifting compared to manual transmission
Higher fuel efficiency compared with traditional automatic transmissionsLarger gearbox size
Improved vehicle dynamicsComplex design
Sport mode optionHigh cost
Engine is protected from damage caused by incorrect gear shifting
Better car handling


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