What is M57D30? Engine performance characteristics

What is M57D30? Engine performance characteristics

M57D30 is a turbocharged diesel engine with the Common Rail fuel injection system. It was produced at the BMW Group factory in Steyr, Austria from 1998 till 2012. This power unit was installed on some models of BMW, Range Rover, and Opel cars.

Features of M57D30 engine 

The engine has 6 cylinders arranged in line and 24 valves. The engine block is made of cast iron. The cylinder head is aluminium. The Common Rail fuel system was produced by the German company Bosch, the turbocharger by the American company Garrett. Versions equipped with this engine feature an intercooler. The valve timing mechanism uses a chain.

Technical specifications of M57D30 engine

Engine codeEngine capacity, lMax. output, hpMax. torque, NmCar models equipped with this type of engine
M57D303.0184‒193390‒410Range Rover L322; Opel Omega В; BMW 5 series E39; BMW 3 series E46; BMW 7 series E38; BMW X5 E53.

Common malfunctions of M57D30

  • The engine crankshaft pulley breaks down at a relatively low mileage.
  • Fuel system components are sensitive to the fuel quality and quickly get clogged. 
  • Sometimes, the intake manifold flaps tear off and get into the engine cylinders, leading to expensive repair.


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