EVSC: description, features, and operating principle

EVSC: description, features, and operating principle

EVSC (Electronic Vehicle Stability Control) is a stability control system installed on Isuzu trucks and buses. It prevents vehicles from losing traction on slippery surfaces while also eliminating understeer and oversteer. The system improves the vehicle’s stability both when driving and braking.

How EVSC works

The system analyses wheel speed, lateral acceleration, and yaw rate. It then compares the actual vehicle path with the trajectory set by the steering wheel. If there is a deviation,  individual wheels are slowed down, restoring the intended trajectory. The ABS hydraulic unit and brakes are used to do this and, if necessary, the engine torque can be limited.

Popular models equipped with EVSC

  • Elf NKR 8
  • Forward 18
  • Giga

Causes of Malfunction

  • ABS wheel speed sensor failure
  • Tyre pressure that doesn’t match the car manufacturer’s recommended values
  • Low brake fluid level
  • Installation of different sized tyres
  • Brake pedal position, yaw rate, or steering wheel position sensor failure.


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