Q-Tronic gear box: distinctive features & technical characteristics

Q-Tronic gear box: distinctive features & technical characteristics

Q-Tronic is an automatic gearbox with a manual gear shift mode, installed on Alfa Romeo cars. It debuted in 2005. It is based on the popular Aisin TF-80SC – a classic automatic gearbox with a hydraulic torque converter and planetary gear set. Manual control is made possible by means of special firmware. This allows the driver to control the engine torque manually, improving the vehicle’s dynamics and off-road capability.

How the Q-Tronic works

Under normal conditions, the Q-Tronic operates as a conventional automatic transmission: the gears are shifted on the basis of control unit commands. It is also possible to activate Sport and Winter modes.

When the driver slots the lever into a special groove, the gear that is active at the moment will remain engaged until the driver shifts up or down by moving the lever to the “+” or “-” positions.

Technical characteristics of Q-Tronic transmissions 

Gearbox codeNumber of gearsMax engine capacity, LMax torque, N·mCar layoutProduction startModel applications
TF-80SC62.5450FWD, AWD2005Alfa Romeo 159; Alfa Romeo Spider; Alfa Romeo Brera

Typical Q-Tronic malfunctions

  • The hydraulic valve body breaks down, causing jerks and vibrations during gear shifting.
  • The transmission starts slipping and vibrating due to wear of the torque converter friction plates.
  • The brake bands wear out, resulting in strong knocks to the car body where the gearbox is located.
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