What is ASC? Features and technical specifications

What is ASC? Features and technical specifications

ASC (Automatic Stability Control) is a system which has been installed on Jaguar and BMW cars. It first appeared in 1997. It restricts the engine power output, thus helping to prevent slippage. The system improves the vehicle’s dynamics and maneuverability on slippery roads and also prevents skidding.

How ASC works

ASC is closely linked with the anti-lock braking system and shares a common control unit with it. Using the ABS sensors, the control unit monitors the speed of the wheels. If one of them starts slipping, the engine control unit (DME) intervenes. It gives a command to the engine to limit the power output. This is achieved by switching off one or more fuel injectors. The ignition timing and throttle position can also be adjusted.

The system is switched on automatically when the key is turned in the ignition switch. When driving with snow chains or on sand or fresh snow, it is advisable to turn the system off by pressing the button on the centre console. Hold the button down for a few seconds to disable the system.

Popular cars equipped with ASC

Reasons for malfunction

  • ! Failure of the wheel speed, crankshaft position, or mass airflow sensor.
  • ! Throttle valve malfunction.
  • ! Damage to the electrical wires of sensors, relays, or a control unit.
  • ! Installation of tyres with different tread patterns on one axle.


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