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FIAT DUCATO service manual
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FIAT service and maintenance manuals

Repairing and servicing Fiat Ducato yourself


  • The crankshaft oil seal is prone to get squeezed out at subzero ambient temperatures. This failure occurs to cars with more than 20,000 kilometres of mileage, leads to oil leakage and, as a result, to breakdown of the engine. You can regularly check the engine oil level yourself. Top up as necessary, following our instructions on Fiat Ducato repair and maintenance step by step.
  • The dual-mass flywheel gets out of order after 40,000 kilometres. It cannot be repaired.
  • The timing belt wears out quickly. It may jump a few teeth when you start the engine in cold weather. Our tip: in winter, store your vehicle in a heated garage and regularly inspect the timing belt for wearout.


  • On the 250 model with 20,000 km of mileage the clutch release bearing breaks down. The fault can be detected by difficult gear shifting and abnormal sounds heard when you press the clutch pedal. The component needs to be replaced immediately. You can handle this job yourself, after having watched our Fiat Ducato step-by-step repair video tutorial. Later on, be sure to avoid holding the clutch pedal pressed for long.
  • The clutch master cylinder gets worn out after the first 15,000 kilometres. As a rule, this happens in the cold months, when the working fluid thickens, and, with the clutch pedal abruptly pressed, the pressure in the system abnormally increases. After replacing the component, it is better to give up aggressive driving.

Running gear

  • The shock absorbers are prone to quickly wear out, especially if the vehicle is overloaded. Their failure is indicated by a knocking sound while driving over irregular roads. Download our illustrated PDF guide on Fiat Ducato repair for free to install the new parts quickly and correctly.
  • Suspension control arms may get deformed. This leads to uneven wear of the tyre tread, and impaired roadholding.


  • The steering rack is non-durable: knocking from under the bonnet and leakage of the working fluid may occur before reaching 10,000 kilometres. In most cases, operability of the component can be restored with the help of a repair kit.
  • The tie rods get out of order prematurely. The car pulls to one side, knocking can be heard, and the steering wheel free play is excessive. You can fix the failure yourself – just watch our video guide on Fiat Ducato DIY repair and servicing. Intact dust boots will extend the working lifespan of the part – be sure to replace them immediately if they are damaged.