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DIY FIAT 500 repair

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FIAT 500 service manual
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FIAT service and maintenance manuals

Repairing and servicing Fiat 500 yourself


  • The engine seals and gaskets quickly lose tightness, which leads to oil leakage. Inspect the engine compartment for leaks, and regularly check the condition and level of the engine oil. It is advisable to replace the sealing elements at a garage. As for the oil change, you can do that yourself. Read our illustrated PDF guide on Fiat 500 repair and don’t forget to install the new filter.
  • The timing belt wears out quickly. To prevent it from being broken, you need to check its condition from time to time. If you notice even the smallest cracks, visit a garage immediately to have the new belt installed.
  • The ignition coils get out of order. The signs of the problem are difficult engine start and its unstable operation. You can replace the coils at home. Download our free step-by-step tutorial on Fiat 500 repair and maintenance in order to make the job as easy as possible.


  • After 60,000 kilometres, the semi-automatic gearbox gets out of order. The transmission fluid leaks through welded seams and gaskets. The unit has to be replaced as a whole assembly at a garage.
  • The semi-automatic gearbox is sensitive to the quality of the transmission fluid. A tip from experts: regularly check its level and change it in due time. Our step-by-step video tutorial on Fiat 500 repair will help you with that.


  • Wheel hub bearings may get seized. This failure is indicated by a specific humming from the wheels. You can install the new bearing at home. 
  • Shock absorbers quickly get out of order. To prevent this, do not overload the car and avoid driving on poor quality roads. Replace shock absorbers in pairs.
  • Due to torn dust boots, the CV joints lose grease and get soiled. Crackling sounds heard while driving and turning corners are the reasons to replace the dust boots and fill the constant velocity joints with grease. It isn’t difficult: just watch our video guide and do Fiat 500 repair and servicing yourself. After finishing the job, check the wheel alignment.


  • In winter, door handles may get cracked or fully torn off. We recommend that you open  the doors very carefully and, if possible, avoid washing your car in severe cold.
  • The lenses of xenon headlights fog up. Usually, the problem can be solved by applying a special sealant along their edges. If this didn’t help, you need to replace the parts. You will handle this easily yourself by following our instructions on Fiat 500 repair and maintenance step by step.