What is SI-Drive? Description and operating principle

What is SI-Drive? Description and operating principle

SI-Drive is an intelligent engine and transmission control system that has been installed on Subaru cars. It allows the performance of important car units to be adapted to road conditions and individual driving styles. It also helps to save fuel and increases driving comfort and safety.

How SI-Drive works

The system adjusts the performance of the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and other systems according to the selected driving mode. There are three modes:

  • Intelligent (I): This mode is aimed at increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. It optimises the throttle opening speed and angle for the smoothest possible acceleration. It is suitable for short everyday urban journeys. This mode improves handling on slippery surfaces.
  • Sport (S): This mode provides an optimal combination of dynamics, handling, comfort, and fuel efficiency. In this mode, the throttle opening speed is increased and the car accelerates faster as a result. The handling becomes sharper.
  • Sport Sharp (S#): This mode enables the vehicle to react instantly to the driver’s actions, which is achieved by the throttle opening quickly and lower gears being held. In versions equipped with CVT, the driver can also shift gears manually.

A rotary dial mounted on the centre console is used for switching modes. Information about the selected settings is displayed on the dashboard screen.

Subaru models equipped with SI-Drive


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