What is ALL4? Features and technical specifications

What is ALL4? Features and technical specifications

ALL4 is a full-time all-wheel drive system used in MINI cars. It improves traction, as well as the vehicle’s stability and handling in any weather and road conditions.

How it works

Engine torque is transmitted to the gearbox and then to an electromagnetic centre differential via a bevel gear and a propeller shaft. The differential ensures a smooth distribution of torque between the axles. When driving on a flat road, up to 50% of the torque is supplied to the rear axle. If the wheels lose traction, the car can become rear-wheel drive (RWD). When driving on a motorway, the engine torque is redistributed to the front wheels, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

ALL4 is controlled by the Dynamic Stability Control system. In a fraction of a second, it analyses signals coming from the steering angle sensor, brake pressure sensor, wheel speed sensor, and the yaw rate sensor. The system takes this data into account and adjusts the distribution of torque between the axles. This ensures perfect stability and maximum driving safety when manoeuvring. 

Models which feature this system

MINI cars Production start Engine capacity (l) Engine output (hp)


Cooper 2010 1.5–1.6  122–134 
S 1.6–2.0 184–190
D 111–148
SD 2011 2.0 143–188
SE 2017 1.5 EV 87–221
JCW 2020 2.0 306


Cooper  S 2016 2.0 189
2017  1.5 134
JCW 2019 2.0 306


Cooper 2012 1.6 122
S 190
D 112
SD 2.0 143
JCW 218


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