Top 10 car parts and assemblies not recommended for DIY replacement

Top 10 car parts and assemblies not recommended for DIY replacement

 Top 10 car assemblies and components not recommended for DIY repair 

Repair of some components and assemblies demands professional knowledge, experience, and equipment. For the following list of car assemblies and components, we recommend having repairs carried out by a technical specialist.

  • Engine. Complete engine overhaul. Replacement of pistons and piston rings, valves, conrods and their bearings, camshaft(s) and crankshaft. Engine damage assessment, boring and honing.
  • Gearbox.
  • Fuel system. Replacement of a fuel injection pump, fuel rail, and injectors. ECU remapping.
  • Wheel rims. Fixing cracked wheel rims. Rim straightening. Fixing axial runout.
  • Electrical equipment. Replacing engine wiring, control units, and sensors.
  • Engine control unit (ECU).
  • A/C compressor. Refilling A/C refrigerant. Replacing the A/C compressor.
  • Airbags. Replacing airbag inflators and sensors. Airbag module reset.
  • Paintwork. Removing chips, deep scratches, and cracks from the paintwork.
  • Body elements. Replacing wings, sills, and the windscreen. Spot welding body panels. Car body damage assessment and straightening.



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