How to extend the life of your car tyres

How to extend the life of your car tyres

 7 easy steps 
  1. Check your tyre pressure every week.
    You’ll find the correct pressure for your car’s tyres on their sidewalls or in the owner’s manual.

  2. Maintain proper wheel alignment.
    Incorrect wheel alignment can cause abnormal tyre noise, impaired handling, slower steering response, pulling to one side, and uneven tyre wear.

  3. Have the wheels balanced after every tyre change or every 15,000 kilometres.
    Unbalanced wheels cause premature tread wear and damage to the suspension components. If you notice unusual vibrations when driving, take your car to a mechanic.

  4. Increase the tyre pressure if you’re not going to use your car for a long time.
    If your car isn’t going to be in use for an extended period, inflate the tyres to the maximum allowed pressure to prevent flat spots on the tread surface.

  5. Avoid aggressive driving.
    Accelerating and braking smoothly and maintaining a steady speed will help to avoid premature tyre wear.

  6. Use the right tyres for the season.
    Winter tyres perform best at temperatures below 7°C, and summer tyres at temperatures above 7°C. Switch to winter tyres when the temperature consistently gets to 7°C and below. When the average daily temperature rises above 7°C, switch back to summer tyres.

  7. Store the tyres properly between seasons.
    Store your tyres in a cool, dry place. Keep them protected from sunlight, moisture, and dirt. Stack tyres mounted on wheel rims on their sides or hang them up. Store dismounted tyres in an upright position.
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