How to restore the headlights intensity

How to restore the headlights intensity

  1. Wash the headlamps.
    Purpose: to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the headlights.
    Never clean the headlamp lens with a dry cloth; you may scratch the surface.
    Use a soft, clean cloth or sponge.
    Use a car shampoo as detergent.
    After you’ve washed the headlamp lenses, dry them with a clean cloth.

  2. Polish the headlamps.
    Purpose: to smooth out micro-cracks, scratches and to remove haze from the headlamps.
    Use a special kit for manual polishing.
    Protect the paintwork around the headlamp with masking tape.
    Wear eye protection and a respirator while polishing.
    This type of work should be performed in a clean, well-ventilated room.
    Read the instructions and follow the recommendations provided by the product manufacturer.
    Thoroughly clean and degrease the lenses.
    Remember to polish the headlamps every month.
    For mechanical polishing, contact a specialist.

  3. Replace the bulbs.
    The average bulb lifespan varies according to the bulb type: it is 500 hours for standard incandescent light bulbs, 1,500 hours for halogen bulbs, 3,000 hours for xenon bulbs, and over 10,000 for LEDs.
    Do not touch the glass part of the bulb – only hold it by its cap.
    Replace the bulbs in both headlamps at the same time to ensure even lighting.
    Do not replace halogen bulbs with gas-discharge bulbs (e.g. xenon bulbs).
    Do not install bulbs that are more powerful than the original ones.

  4. Restore the power supply.
    Purpose: to eliminate possible wiring problems or contacts oxidation in the wire joints.
    Inspect connectors and wires, and replace them if necessary.
    Clean the connectors and spray them with electrical contact cleaner.
    To protect the contacts, treat the connectors with a special electrical grease.
    When replacing wires, give preference to silicone-coated ones.

  5. Clean the headlamp vents.
    Purpose: to remove condensation and mist from the headlamp lenses.
    Inspect and clean the ventilation valve.
    Check the headlamp seals and replace them if necessary.
    Make sure the rear covers fit tight against the headlamp housing.

  6. Adjust the headlights.
    Purpose: to reduce chances of dazzling oncoming drivers and to ensure the required visibility zone when driving at night.
    Check whether the headlights of your vehicle are adjustable.
    Adjust the headlights according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
    Remember to adjust the headlights once a year and after replacing bulbs, installing new wheel rims or tyres, or after repairs to the front part of the car body.


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